Sunday, May 30, 2010

A very SPECIAL request...

Heartfelt message from Dustin Pike...

He would really love to give this young lady a very special, worldwide, greeting to let her know that we are all supporting her, by giving her cards from around the world.  This is the message that Dustin has recently posted on his blog...

There is a young lady in my daughter's dance studio 18 yrs old, Just a few months ago she was diagnosed with MS(multiple sclerosis). She had lost her eyesight in one eye temporarily but it has since returned. Her family is awesome, her younger sister is my youngest's best friend at dance. On June 21st we have a swim party for the dance studio at a local pool, I would like to give her a box full of cards from all over the world that night. It's almost a month away and right now I can't give you all a set or a few digi's for doing it til I get these 3 books finished. but later I could. I know it's a lot to ask for some and others not so much. Her name is McKenzie, now I know my stamps aren't mostly for 18 yr old girls, so any card, any stamp will do, one card from everyone who could do it might just make her day, she's been struggling since dance is everything to her. If you'd like you can send them to me, email me and I will send you my address, if you'd like to wait I will see if they can't be sent to the studio, but we are one a 3 week dance break (well deserved I might add) and so I don't know if they'd just sit there, so if you'd like send them to me and I will collect them all then find a neat way to give them to her at he party...There was a dance she was in as well as most of the studio titled "Stand By Me" and they dedicated the dance to her at every competition we did since learning what she had, I don't know if that will inspire anyone in the card making process, but if you could do this I would be really grateful.


I only put that she was close to 18 or there abouts so you all knew what kind of card to make, these are cards of encouragement not birthday cards... :)
Also my inbox is flooded so I am adding my address for you to send the cards to so I can catch up on emails.
Dustin Pike
2486 N 890 W
Clinton, Utah 84015

Please support Dustin by sending McKenzie a card to cheer her up and make her day, especially for those of you who use Dustin's freebies, by way of thanks. perhaps you could pop over to Dustin's blog and leave him a comment too, but sending a card would be better.

Many thanks
Fae xxx


mckinkle said...

Good on you for posting about this Fae, Im mid-make on my card for her after seeing his blog a day or so ago.

Its good when the crafting community can come together to make a bit of a difference isnt it!

Lets hope she gets lots of lovely cards!

Keryn x

Fae said...

Hope so Keryn that's one reason why I posted it. Fingers crossed x