Monday, January 28, 2008

Heavens' New Angel

I've just been watching the news of Heath Ledger's funeral earlier today, so sad. They report that it would seem he didn't have enough prescription drugs in his system to overdose with and therefore are concluding that he died of a heart attack. What a shame! What a waste! I love everything Heath has been in and must confess 'Brokeback Mountain' (one of my all time favourites) is all the more sadder now when I watch it.

Heaven must be a happier place to be now that they have a new angel amongst them. I feel so sorry for his family and his lovely daughter, who sadly will never get to know her daddy now. It must be a real shock for his friends and loved ones to have lost someone so dear to them, so young and in his prime. What a tragic loss to the film industry too as he made so many lovely films and shone in everything he did. Can't wait to see the darker side of him in Batman when it's released. Not sure if it will be one of my favourites though, I like him as a 'goodie'.

Sweet dreams Heath xxx

Katie's Card

I made this card for my friend Katie's birthday. I love this Penny Black stamp as he always makes me feel happy. His cheeky grin and lovely pressie, make it a perfect stamp for Birthday cards.

Sorry, can't remember who makes the background paper but it was appropriate as it had friends sayings all over it and it's bright and bold without being 'too much'.

Added the gold elasticated ribbon which I salvaged from an old christmas card. Coloured the balloons and present to match the background paper and he's done!

Duckling - Grade 2

Look who's officially become a 'DUCKLING'. Lewis passed his Level Grade 1 swimming on Sunday and is now training on Grade 2. He's still not all that confident getting in... but once he's been in a while he's like a fish!!! He can swim perfectly on his back now with a float and is getting much better swimming on his front (he doesn't like the water going in his face though).
WELL DONE LEWIS... We're so proud of you! (Kisses)


I know it's grrrrreeeen and that's not everyone's cup of tea, but a friend of mine asked me to make a 'train' card for her dad's birthday. I found this lovely picture which I printed onto glossy (photographic) paper and then colour co-ordinated it with the ribbons, mirror card and the cardstock. I hand drew the 'stitching' and added a lovely 'smile' embellishment.

Alternative Valentine...

Instead of sending one Valentine this year, why not send 8 or 4, or 10, or how ever many you want...

I made this using the large labels I purchase at Ally Pally last year and added a medium ring to hole them all together. Covered each side of the label with pretty papers and fabrics and added various 'scrapbooking' things by Jolee's and various stamped images and stickers.

Guess what Sarn...?

I finally found a way of using that lovely organza fabric I purchased at Ally Pally. I'm actually quite pleased with the results of this card.

Since every shop in the world seems to have added Easter Eggs to their stock I thought I would start making a few Easter cards, as I'm bored already of making Valentines card (although I have made a few which I will add soon).

I cut out a section from the front of the cardstock and added the organza fabric behind it. I then cut out a section of the same size from a piece of thin white card which I added inside to cover up the raw edges of the fabric.

I then added the Whipper Snapper (Spring 2008) Easter Ribbit stamped image, which I coloured with watercolour pencils. I think he's quite cute actually... what do you think?

General News...

Just wanted to let Sarn and Shazza know that I've today posted your stamped images...look out for the postie puffing and panting... Just so that you know I've doubled up on some of the images in case you wanted to share some with step-mummy Julie as I didn't have her address to post some on to her also.

Sarn, I know you're not a big fan of Bella's but I've put in a couple of general samples for you to play with. I think you might like them, but if not pass them on to Sharon or Julie. I've added an image of the Whipper Snapper cow I thought Julie might like too.

Enjoy xxx

Monday, January 21, 2008


Well. I've been on my own at work today, three staff down to one! My boss left at the end of last term and sadly, Marilyn has been at a funeral today so I've been rushed off my feet. We hope to have a new boss after the February half term, and hopefully this one will stay!!

The children are bathed and have done their homework, despite having had a day off work, my other half has crashed out on the sofa (nothing new there then!) so tonight I'm dedicating all of what's left to crafting. Watch this space!!!

Come back soon xxxx

Another Valentine... Penny Black stamp (again) and a couple of added embellishments. Tried to keep it quite simple. The bead attachment I purchased from Alexander Palace in April last year. only just found a use for them, although I have also recently added on to my mobile phone. He he he!

Friends Forever...

This is a Whipper Snapper stamp.
As you know, apart from Penny Black stamps, I just LURVE LURVE LURVE Whipper Snapper stamps (and intend to buy a lot more at Ally Pally this year! Funds allowing???)
I made this for a friend who wanted to send her best friend a really special card.
I coloured the stamp image with coloured pencils, added a couple of fab wording's and a flower. The scalloped cut out was courtesy of my best mate, Sarn and the green Zoomz were from Stamping Caz (I won one of her competitions!). The ribbon came from a local craft store.

Young Love...

I love this stamp by Stampabilities called, 'Together Under Moon'. Perfect for anniversaries or simply telling someone you love them.
I left the image black and white as I thought colouring it in would distract everyone from the lovely coloured papers (miscellaneous).
Added green and pink ribbon and wording.

Thank you...

A special thank you card for Sarn as she sent me these lovely Banana Frog clear flower stamps. I love this Penny Black stamp too (Could you tell? Is there a Penny Black stamp I DON'T like??? NO!), he's perfect for Spring! And just right for saying thank you to a special friend... a bezzie friend!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Penny Black Valentine

Another one of my fave Penny Black stamps.

I know I said Valentines Day was 'Bah, St Valentine's' but I've caught the bug now, well the card making 'love' bug anyway. I do love my Penny Blacks, especially the ones with hearts and flowers etc.

I love this background paper too but unfortunately I can't remember where I purchased it from or who makes it and there's no label or printing on the back.

He makes me smile. Hope he's added a little cupid's bow to your day too.

F x

Inpiration Jar (Photo)

Here's a picture of my inspiration jar, although I'm sure if I was making a new one now I could decorate it better. I might add a few more bits to it or re-do it soon as it's looking a bit grubby now where I keep reaching for it, for...inspiration ha ha ha!

I hope this gives you some good ideas.

Happy crafting! Fae xxx

Inspiration Jar...

Ever found yourself stuck for inspiration? Why don't you do what myself and Sarn did... make yourself an 'Inpiration Jar'.
  1. Grab a large jar or tin. I used an empty SLIMFAST tin as it came with a lid and was large enough and perfect for the contents I had in mind.
  2. Decorate the jar with pretty papers, ribbons, buttons, add a few embellishments like flowers or jemstones, or stamp plain paper and colour in yourself.
  3. Decorate the lid to match or discard the lid if you prefer.
  4. Make some pretty cards or papers and write different things on them, for example; make a card with the last stamp you bought...make a card using your favourite Penny Black stamp...make a card using a stamp you haven't used for ages...make a card using watercolours...make a card using embossing powders etc. The list is endless.

When you're next stuck for an idea...pull out one of your decorated cards, read what you've written and make a card following that.

Et Voila!

That's all Folks...

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to have a little look at my blog today. I hope you liked the cards I've made so far, be sure to say 'hello' next time you pop by.

To the other Fae who contact me, apologies for not getting back to you, I was really ill at the time you got in touch and neglected to write back to you. I think it's really cool to meet another Fae with the same spelling. I know other, or know people who know other Fay and Faye's and even a Fai but never a FAE!!! Please get back in touch again!

See you all real soon with my new cards. I'm going to be a busy girl tonight so there may even be some more as soon as tomorrow.

Take care all. Fae xx

Love is in the Air...

With Christmas barely out of the way, we now have lovely Valentine images and hearts everywhere we go. Bah St Valentine!!! Anyway, enough of that! Here's my first card to offer dear old St Valentine.

This PB stamp is so cute and I've decoupaged the hearts, cutting out the missing centre piece to give it a bit of dimension. Simple but cute enough I suppose. Someone will appreciate it, I'm sure (will probably be my daddy this year!)

LOVE YOU DADDY and who need's Valentines Day anyway to tell someone you love them!!!

Penny Black 18th

I wasn't sure about this one at first as it's for an 18 year old boy. I don't like making cards for boy's or men as I never have enough inspiration to get started on them.

Anyway, he seemed to like it and I kept it simple. But I do think it's a little 'dark', as I used black leather card with black papers and ribbons.

The PB stamp actually has hearts on the bow tie but wasn't appropriate so I coloured the entire tie in black too. See, too much black!!!


I was asked to make these cards for an Italian Grandma and Granddad. I've made cards for Rosie before via a friend who asked me to make a soecial card when Rosie's daughter Antonella was born. She couldn't find any Italian birthday cards and particularly likes my shaker cards which I like doing but can be a bit tedious as I cut all the letters out by hand.
I know..I know, I need one of those Cricut thingies, but they're SOOOOO expensive, but then saying that, I do make a lot of these so maybe the birthday faery will bring one for me... who knows??? Or unless anyone out there has a second hand or old version one to sell me, get in touch!!!

New Grandma...

I was asked to make this card for a work colleague who's friend has just become a Grandma for the first time to 'Charlie'. I've personalised the card more on the inside for Nanna as she may wish to pass the card on to Charlie's parents as a keepsake.
I love this Penny Black stamp as it is perfect for adding dimension to any card. I have decoupaged the 'baby basket' shell and the top part of the flower. I've also added glitter to the flower since taking this picture just to add a little bit of 'faery magic'. Other embellishments are from Papermania and were purchased at Alexander Palace. Little black gems came of Lianne's jeans in the tumble dryer... waster not, want not!!! Throw nothing away that's my motto, I even remove buttons from shirts and jumpers before chucking.

Going Riding...?

As promised, here's my latest offerings. I made this card for a friends daughter. She loves horses and she loves my cards as they are always so personal. Carina kindly offered to take my children horse riding in the (extremely short) summer of 2007 so I always try to give the cards I make her a little something more special. As you can see Hollie is 16 this month. I hope she likes it???

A Rare Moment...

Lianne and Lewis shared a 'special moment' today and I had to capture it on camera (oh how I love my digital camera!!!) and put it on my blog so that you could share it with me.

It doesn't happen very often, but they love each other really, even though they pretend they don't.

I can't imagine my life being so full without them, I love them to bits. They both test my patience to the absolute limit but then give so much love back in return to make up for it.

Love you babies, love Mummy x

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Quick note of thanks....

Dear Julie
Thank you so much for the lovely card you sent me. It's wonderful. I received it this morning and it was just the tonic I needed to get me crafting again. Thanks again.
Lots of Love

Your (adopted) step-daughter xxxx

Welcome to 2008!

Sorry I haven't been around for what seems like an eternity. I've had this really bad chest infection and irritating, persistent cough (that still hasn't left) for about 8-9 weeks now. I am finally getting back on my feet and hopefully you will all still be around to visit me from time to time.

So sorry to hear that Caz's dad passed away, my thoughts are with you and your family Caz.

Anyway, I WILL be updating my blog on a regular basis from now on and hope you all will visit from time to time, have a fabulous 2008 and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

Love, as always, Fae xxxx