Monday, March 24, 2008

Hobby Craft...

Oh my God... I've been to HobbyCraft today for the first time in what seemed like an age. Lianne went up the town with friends and so me and Lewis thought we'd go into HobbyCraft as I desperately needed some polybags. Anyway, a ten minute drive turned into a one hour and forty minute drive as everyone and her aunt decided they were going to do some DIY today so turned Watford into a car park by trying to get to places like Wickes and B&Q (on the same industrial site as HobbyCraft). Parking was a nightmare and turned into even more of a fiasco by millions of women driving these ENORMOUS 4x4 cars around - like they've ever been off roading - most of which took up two spaces instead of one!!!

Eventually, we got through the sliding doors into HobbyCraft and I ended up spending a small forune on all these lovely little goodies that called to me from the shelves...'buy me, buy me, please take me home and make me into something pretty...' yes I know i've now completely lost the plot, but anyone who knows me would tell you that happened years ago anyway! So there!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Penny Black image for a new baby girl. Love this stamp as it's perfect for these occasions. I watercoloured the image and then went over it with some watered down Sakura jelly roll pink to add a little glitter to it. Added a couple of buttons. This is a trifold card as it opens from the right and then the left. The little silver stars or flowers are by Anita's.

Well Done Ewe!

This is a Penny Black stamp by Margaret Sherry called 'Plimsoll Pete'. Not sure why though as he is clearly wearing wellington boots but that's neither here nor there. I added the Woodware 'Congratulations' and some blue polkadot ribbon, the little nappy pin is from a collection of bits and bobs I have in my draw. Watercoloured and decoupaged the image and mounted onto blue textured cardstock.


It's that elephant again by Whipper Snapper. Loved the other card so much I just had to make another one. This one is for Grace's birthday (I know you look at my blog Cherrylynn, so don't let Gracie see). Stamped and watercoloured the image onto white cardstock, added pink cardstock and the daisy letters, called 'Li'l Charms' from American Traditional Designs. Added some pink polkadot ribbon and some silver adhesive strips and then added a scalloped greeting with a big silver '2'.


Another great Whipper Snapper stamp. I watercoloured and decoupaged the frog and added the lovely Woodware 'Birthday' greetings and added some water droplets with my clear Sakura Jelly Roll pen and a green papermania flower.


Hi Guys and Girls...
Sorry I haven't been around much this weekend. Spent Friday night and all day Saturday getting Steve's gear washed, ironed, folded and packed... he flew out to Spain this morning on a 'Jolly Boys Outing'. One whole week of peace and quiet (who am I kidding, I still have the kids!) but at least I have complete control of the REMOTE CONTROL!!! Ahhhhh the remote control.... my old friend. We have been reunited once more, albeit for a short while only, but we plan to make the most of our time together! A bottle of wine, an easter egg or three and I'm vegging out in front of the telly for the rest of the week. I might find the odd moment or two to be creative and make a card or two, but if you don't hear from me, you know that I've been consumed by the sofa. If I'm not around week commencing 31 March you know that Steve's come home, found the house in a terrible mess and killed me! Get the dogs ready just in case. Speak soon peeps, love ya xxxxx


Friday, March 21, 2008

It's tidy!!!

(Well it was...!) This was my crafting space this morning. I decided to have a major clear up and found some things that hadn't seen the light of day since I bought them, so as you can see from my blog, I've been kinda busy today making cards - haven't had much else to do since it's been chucking it down with rain since this photo was taken, can you believe the sun was shining when I took this photo? Anyway, unfortunately, this space, doesn't look so tidy now, so I guess I'll have to do it all again tomorrow. Just thought I'd take a photo of it for recollection next time Steve tells me the KITCHEN IS A MESS!!! I can at least say well... it wasn't on the 21st March for at least an hour!!! Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa x

You Make Me Smile...

I made this card for my best friend Sarn. She sent me a lovely card during the week to let me know that she was thinking of me, together with some fabulous images that she had kindly stamped up for me. So I thought I would send her a lovely thank you card. The lettering of 'Friends' is decoupaged and outlined with pink marvy le plume pen. The 'You Make Me Smile' wording (by Woodware) has been stamped onto the ribbon, so glad it worked out okay as it's the first time I've stamped onto ribbon and I added the flowers along the top to hopefully make her smile. Hope she likes it...?


Love this this this card! I've just finished making it and I can't help but smile when I see it. Elephant is by Whipper Snapper Designs and it's just gorgeous, I didn't think I would ever like any other elephant stamp as much since the one and only Penny Black one, but this is just too cute! The gray cardstock the watercoloured image has been mounted to has a leather effect, like an elephant's skin and therefore looks much better in real life but I really do like it so much. The whole thing was then mounted onto baby pink cardstock and a pink polka dot ribbon attached down the left. Lined a black dashed line around the outside of the gray and added a scalloped greeting with 'Kisses' (from a 'Hugs & Kisses stamp by Hero Arts - masked the Hugs & bit off) and some pink lips (from Hampton Art).

Happy Christmas Everyone...

I know... I know. It's not Christmas yet (it's Easter), but following on from previous messages about Rudolph Day (being the 25th of each month), I thought I would get in an early Christmas card.

I've been going through some old Christmas cards this morning and I found this image and fell in love with the photo so I just had to use it before I just 'filed' it again and forgot all about it. I know it isn't Rudolph Day yet but hey, a girl can be early just once in a while and at least this means I can get away with just making four or five on the 25th! I also know that black can be quite sombre sometimes but I thought this particular image needed just black and white in the background - no colour. Hope you like it?

Blossom Times

Another card made with the Penny Black stamp. Again I have masked the 'Bloom Where You're Planted' words and just kept the flower. Added glitter this time and watercoloured the flowers petals and the water in the vase. Added Hero Arts 'Have a Great Birthday' and added three zoomz to a strip of red velvet ribbon on a background of red and then added to red hammered cardstock.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


And...this is the moment I fell in love with Axl Rose, I think the picture is pretty self explanatory and you can see why ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...ENJOY GIRLS!!!

Diggy Boy

Here's a picture I found in my photo archives of my 'Diggy Boy' when he was a young puppy with one of his brothers. Isn't he gorgeous! I miss him so, so much. He was such a big part of my life, growing up without any brothers or sisters. Mum and dad had loads of Dobies and there were always dogs around when I was a child. None of them really had any impact on me though until Purdey (Digger's mum) and then Digger came along. I just wanted to share this photo with you, because this is probably the moment I fell in love with him.

Beary Special

Sarn sent me the stamped image, I left the bear white and just coloured the flowers and added some grass. Added some lemon coloured ribbon and an orange PaperMania flower with a brad and et voila! Simple but effective (I think). Lovely bright summertime card. Roll on Summer...bring it on! Did I hear someone way we were getting snow this weekend???

5 Minute Wonder...

Here's a card I literally knocked up in 5 minutes. It was a friend's birthday and I had forgotten all about it, so I put this together quickly so that her husband could collect it when he came over to collect their daughter, Emma's, 18th Birthday Card. Penny Black stamp has Bloom where you're planted written down the left side of the image but I masked that bit off because I wanted to put 'Have a Great Birthday' on it by Hero Arts. Highlighted and coloured with pencil and added a PaperMania flower. Didn't have time to add glitter as it wouldn't have dried in time, else I would've added it to the vase.

Lianne wanted in...

Well, I knew it wouldn't take long before Lianne wanted her own blog spot. Here it is feel free to have a look, it's mostly about school and friends etc but she has put a card on that she found in my own card archive of a few cards that she made a while ago, so I'm assuming the others will be put on sooner or later.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A little birdie told me...

This is a card I made for another 18 year many! I love this Whipper Snapper image so much i decided to use him again. Coloured in pretty much the same way as before, watercolour pencils (without any water) added some wrapping paper in the background and three papermania flowers. Used the new stamps that Sarn was kind enough to get for me for the 'Happy Birthday' wording (they're part of a set from Woodware). Handwrote the 18 on the top right and bottom left of the card as I've run out of 1's on my Anita's sticker sheet! I feel another trip to the local Craft Store coming on... ooooerr! That could be trouble.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Lovely Bubbly

Lovely Bubbly is another stamp by Penny Black's Margaret Sherry Collection. I love her cats (as you've probably already guessed). Don't make many cards with this one though, tend to keep it for special birthdays and anniversaries. The background paper is recycled from a old birthday card and mounted onto green paper to sort of match the cardstock. Added a couple of PaperMania flowers, a few lengths of ribbon and added an 's' brad as the recipients name is Sinead. I was going to decoupage it so that the bottle stood out but I didn't have a lot of time as it had to be posted today. I hope she likes it?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I love this cat. One of my 'many' purchases at AP, from Gary Patteron at Stamps Happen Inc. It's called 'Bee-Wildered' as he has a bumble bee on his nose. He looks so cheeky. This was another card for Tamsin as one of the girls asked me to make a personal card for her to give to Tamsin and she loves cats.

EIGHTEEN again...

I made this card for Katherine's 18th, again with Sarn's image that she kindly sent me. Decided to go for bright colours this time, yellows and golds and of! The little brads on the flower are a 1 and an 8. Watercolour pencils, no water and added a scalloped circle for the birthday greeting. Cut the K out myself and bordered it on gold metallic card.

Close up...

Here's the close up I promised you. I particularly like the way I coloured and watercoloured the tree. A blue haze has also been added all the way around the house and tree itself. I'm really pleased with the way it looks. I also added an adhesive pearl on the door to give a little bit of dimension. Loving this image loads.

Green, Green, Grass of Home

Here's a card I made for my friend who's just moved into a new home. The stamp is Whipper Snapper. Background paper is by American raditional Designs, mounted onto green cardstock and added a green mulberry flower. I watercoloured the image (Yes Sarn, I actually used water this time with the pencils...). I'll add a close up image of the house too in a minute as this photo doesn't actually do the watercolouring any justice. I love this background paper, I bought it ages ago and never used it, I think I just wanted to keep it and look at it. Normally I would add a little glitter to some of the circles but didn't have time on this occasion. Hope you like it?

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snow Joke

I was asked if I could make a 'ski' themed 50th Birthday card for SUE. It wasn't a problem as I am always keen to make 'different' cards and I remembered that whilst going through my many different storage boxes of 'stuff' I found a load of Jolee's Boutique embellishments, which were perfect. Anyway, I finished the card and although it's supposed to be quite simple, and although I think it looks ok as it is, I still can't help thinking that something is still missing. Any suggestions? What do you think?

Sunflower Heaven

This card is a bit 'bright' but I think it works. The name 'Kay' I cut out manually and decoupaged to the front of the card to break up the blank left side. Not sure who makes this stamp, I think it might be one that Sarn sent me ages ago. I'm going through my files as you can probably tell with all the cardstock I haven't used in so long. Anyway, I found quite a few stamped images too so I thought I'd put them to good use...FINALLY! Coloured with watercolour pencils, and added a flower where the stamped flower is. His nose is an adhesive pearl (they come in VERY handy those little pearls...) Hero Arts 'Have a Great Birthday!'

Made in Heaven

Anniversary card for Robert and Chrissie. Bella image courtesy of Linda which I coloured with watercolour pencils and added the 'Celebrate' text and the silver 'Happy Anniversary' (by Anita's). Button on Bella's Fella's suit is an adhesive pearl to make it a little bit 3D. The silver/grey cardstock had the glitter diamonds on it when I bought it. Again, I've had it about three years and never used it as it was too nice, but it was worth it for this couple. The 'RC' I cut out manually and mounted onto the same glitter metallic card that I mounted the image to.

Rock Choc(olate)

Another fab image from Sarn, which I made for one of my friend's daughter's who will be doing her GCSE's soon. Thought she'd like this image as it's quite funky and she LOVES chocolate! Coloured her with black hair as my friends daughter has black hair too. The black dots on the pillow are adhesive pearls. The rest of the image has simply been coloured in with pencil as I didn't have time to decoupage.

Bubbles Everywhere

Here's a fab image that my best friend Sarn sent me, isn't she great? (both Sarn and the image, of course!). She's from Pink Petticoat and I think it's lovely. Coloured with watercolour pencils and added glitter to the bubbles. The gold spots on the cardstock were already there but I thought it went well with the image. I've had it for about three years and never used it. The yellow border card, I just cut a strip from the edge and slipped the white stamped image through it before taping it down. Just thought it was something different!

Christina's Farewell

I also made another A4 card for Christina who's also leaving work before Easter. She's a music teacher and plays the piano (and cello amongst other things) beautifully. I thought this card would make her smile. I love this Penny Black (Joyful Abandon) stamp. How cheeky are those cats???

Here's one I whippe(r snappere)d up!

I made this A4 card for one of the girls who's leaving work soon. She loves cats and this Whipper Snapper cat should put a smile on her face. Coloured with watercolour pencils and mounted onto lilac card, co-ordinated with the letters which I cut out manually. I added a single flower and some eyelets in the corners.

Shaz's Card

I made this card for Sharon to cheer her up. I hope it did the trick and didn't get too squashed in the post? I copied Sarn's diamond fold which I googled and found a great site that explained everything really well. Used an array of stamps on this one.
I hope things get better soon Shaz and that everything works out okay?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

New cards

I did manage to make a couple of new cards yesterday and today, but I haven't posted them to my blog yet as I haven't heard if the recipients have received them yet. As soon as I know I'll put them on as I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Fae xx


Took Lewis to the doctors today, he has gastroenteritis and a possible grumbling appendix. The doctor said that the gastro should clear up in a day or two if I starve him (which is no easy task with a boy that has a man's appetite)!

He said I'll have to keep an eye on the stomach pains because if they get any worse or Lewis starts getting too distressed I'll have to take him back to the doctors for another assessment. I hope my little man will get better soon, he looks so 'gray' and his eyes are quite dark and bloodshot!

Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know how he was getting on.
Fae xx

I blame Sarn...

It's all her fault!!!! The other night, Sarn and I were chatting away on Skype, as you do, and we got onto the subject of Guns 'n' Roses and Whitesnake etc etc etc. Anyway, after discovering that we both have a passion for Axl, Slash and Dave and after Sarn nearly cut off her leg (shaving while head-banging - not a good idea) and I fell off my stool a few times at the computer, we both went to work the following day with splitting headaches, (and not a drop of alcohol involved) a few extra bruises and WHITESNAKE blaring through the mediocre speakers that car manufacturers feel fit to dump on us. Anyway, I can now listen to nothing else and I think I have upset the builders at the end of the road because they keep telling me to turn the music down. Except... this afternoon. Coming home from work, I drove past them and they shouted out, "Oi, Rock Chick, turn it up" and everyone who happened to be around at the time (it was lunchtime and very busy), turned to look at me! My car is deep red and I think for the first time ever (except for when I dyed my hair red) I must've colour co-ordinated with my car because all the builders started laughing. So I thought... knickers! and I cranked the volume right up and started singing at the top of my lungs... wait till tomorrow morning. I have a little surprise for them! The pics for you Sarn... sweet dreams!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

Well, I've just posted three letters, each stating that I would like to add Lianne to the Schools' Continued Interest list and when I got home I had already received a letter from Lianne's second choice school to state that she was number 41 on their list!! So that's all good!

I am keeping a positive mental attitude to this whole thing and hopefully (as Sarn knows) my belief in fate will come through and if she does get a place at any of her three choices then that's just because FATE has stepped in and she's actually MEANT to go to the school they've allocated her to and that she will probably excel there just as well if not better. I KNOW that this will all end up the way it's meant to be and hopefully she'll be happy.

She went to school this morning with the idea that she was okay with the Admissions decision and therefore she would try and help her friends (who aren't as accepting or happy) to try to come to terms with their emotions and to try and think positively about all the movement that's going to happen between now and September. Ain't she great???

Monday, March 03, 2008

Hoppy Easter

Another great Whipper Snapper design. Got bored of making Christmas cards so I made this rather cute little Easter card instead, seeing as it's only a few weeks away. I'll give this one to my boy! Hopefully it'll cheer him up, although I'm hoping that he'll be much better by then. Unfortunately though, there does seem to be an awful lot of bugs going round at the moment. Coloured with felt pens and the ribbon came off of a birthday cake!!!

Poor Lewis

Lewis has been terribly poorly today aswell. He got much worse in the night with a temperature that was off the scale. I had already decided he wasn't going to school this morning, when he got up, got dressed and promptly threw up all over the place. He wasn't a happy boy!

Managed to get him cleaned up and drove him to my mum's then he was sick again. Mum said she'd sort him out and I came home at lunchtime, he's been on the sofa since (between dashing to the loo that is!). Poor little man.

Disappointing...but not sad day!

Well, the results are in! Lianne unfortunately didn't get ANY of her choices!! However, when I broke the news to her she was terribly grown up about it and said, "Don't worry mum, we'll appeal and if I don't get any of my choices between now and September, I'll just go to that school, it was good enough for YOU! (Yes, she got the school I went to back in 1983! Which can't have been that bad as I came away with 9 GCSE's!)

Anyway, like I said, it was disappointing for both of us, but NOT the end of the world AND a few of her class mates got into the same school...

Thanks for your support guys! Really appreciate all of your lovely comments!
P.S. Shaz, I hope your boy did ok in his examination xxx

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Well, this morning I was woken up with a lovely mug of tea and a bowl of Rice Crispies. Bless xxx Lianne and Lewis had both bought (I'll forgive them) huge Mother's Day cards for me and I got some lovely lavender bags for my underwear drawer and wardrobe. We then all went to take Lewis swimming and then watched a rather one-sided game of football on the way back. Poor Lewis was not feeling very well though so we didn't stay to watch the end. Even though it was lovely sunshine again, it was very windy and I think it was giving him 'brain-freeze'.

We then took a detour to Asda's on the way home and bought some rather lovely flowers for my mum and my nan. When we got home, Steve had been out and also bought some flowers. One bunch from Lewis, one from Lianne and one from HIM. So I have a beautiful smelling home of fresh flowers. How lovely!!!

We then drove to my mum's and because she wasn't expecting Steve to have bought me anything, she had bought (on behalf of the children of course) a lovely make-up set for me, which I have been experimenting with since getting home.

Poor Lewis is lying down in his bed with a raging temperature and not feeling like his usual self at all unfortunately. I think there'll be one little man missing from his class tomorrow. Poor thing! We'll see how he gets on with the Calpol and and early night but I can't see it getting any better before morning. Bless! Hope he gets better soon, I hate it when my children are poorly and there's not much more I can do for them other than a 'cuggle'. Get well soon baby! Love you xxx


Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sit back and Relax...

Who could forget 'NANNA' on Mother's Day...?
After all, without her, none of us would be here, so I made my nanna a card too. Sadly I didn't get around to making my other nanny a card as well as I only decided to do one today and I wouldn't have enough time to post it to her so maybe I will send her a belated Mother's Day Card or just a card to make her smile and say 'hello'. I'll make her a nice one either way, whatever the occasion.

Feathered Lady

My mum loves anything from Art Deco, to Charleston girls. So I thought I would make this card for her. The stamped image in unknown I'm afraid as I bought it from Ebay and it was unmounted and untitled. But it's fab and I love it. The image is a woman wearing a feathered stole or boa, something like that, or the feathers are attached to her dress, it's hard to tell, but I always cut the image and thread different coloured feathers through where the 'stole' should be. I usually coordinate them with whichever colour I decide to colour the dress. I added a little glitter to the bottom of the dress to add a little 'glamour' and a satin printed ribbon. The printed phrase in the bottom right of the card says: 'Mother. The woman who cradled you as an infant, held your hand as a child, and as an adult, she let you go.'

Happy Mother's Day, Mummy

Sweet Lavender

This is my Mother-in-Law, Gwen's, Mother's Day card. She loves lilac (as does Shaz) and this cute little spray is from Penny Black. Mounted the white paper onto lilac card then onto gray with a snazzy cut edging. Added a lovely lilac satin bow and a little phrase which says: 'To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world". I hope she likes it.

Don't you think it makes all the difference to your photos when you photograph something in direct sunshine rather than with a flash!!! Sunshine...bring it on!

Cute Christmas

What Christmas would be complete without a Penny Black Christmas card...? Here's one I made for someone last year, which I have decided to re-create and use again. I used watercolours for most of the card but coloured his hat in with a Marvy le Plume pen in Maroon, to give it a bit more richness and I then added glitter to the 'white furry' bits. Jingle Bells embellishments as before.

Jingle Bells

Same Whipper Snapper penguin (thanks Ju) different design. Cut the penguins out and decoupaged them onto plain white cardstock and then added some glitter as before. The stripey background paper also came from CM&P and I added the PaperMania flower and a little 'X' in the middle. Added some red velvet ribbon and the 'Jingle' and mittens, which I purchased from my local craft shop (they were in a bargain bucket!).

Christmas Everyday...

This little Whipper Snapper penguin is one of a selection of images Step-Mummy Julie sent me which I watercoloured and added some glitter to. The background paper was part of my prize from CM&P from the article me and Sarn sent in about our inspiration jars, and I mounted it onto white cardstock. Added some ribbon and the Penny Black wording. Et voila! (I made two of these but the other version is a pink snowflake background with the penguin wearing blue and has a pink dotted ribbon!)


It's been a busy week and I have to apologise for not posting any new messages during that time. I've been avoiding going online so that I could get my christmas cards done and I have to say I'm very proud of myself as I have made February's target of six!!!

I basically made three designs and made two of each, and I will do the same next month (sorry... this month, I keep forgetting that today is the 1st of March!!!

I will post my three designs shortly but I wanted to apologise for not being around first.

Two days to go before Allocation Day and the tension is starting to show. I can't wait until it's all over on Monday and we finally get to find out which school Lianne will be going to (ubless we go to appeal of course, which we will do if she doesn't get ANY of her three choices, but we'll see on Monday). Watch this space!

Anyway, I'll get my cards on now. Thanks for your patience...
Fae xxx