Monday, March 03, 2008

Poor Lewis

Lewis has been terribly poorly today aswell. He got much worse in the night with a temperature that was off the scale. I had already decided he wasn't going to school this morning, when he got up, got dressed and promptly threw up all over the place. He wasn't a happy boy!

Managed to get him cleaned up and drove him to my mum's then he was sick again. Mum said she'd sort him out and I came home at lunchtime, he's been on the sofa since (between dashing to the loo that is!). Poor little man.


Sarn loves choc said...

Get well soon Lewis. xxxx

Anonymous said...


Fae said...

Bless him, he's FINALLY asleep, but i'll tell him you both wished him well when he wakes up, if he wakes up tonight??? He's so tired.