Saturday, March 08, 2008

Shaz's Card

I made this card for Sharon to cheer her up. I hope it did the trick and didn't get too squashed in the post? I copied Sarn's diamond fold which I googled and found a great site that explained everything really well. Used an array of stamps on this one.
I hope things get better soon Shaz and that everything works out okay?


Sarn loves choc said...

I like your twist on this card. It's lovely x

Anonymous said...

This card is stunning in the flesh, thanks a million Fae! it really cheered me up and made me smile!!It arrived in perfect condition, not a crease in sight!! I love the way you have turned this card on its side! great idea!

Fae said...

I actually saw it turned on it's side on the net. I googled 'diamond fold card' and loads of great ideas came up, together with the instructions on how to make one... thanks Sarn