Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rudolph Day

I was viewing various blogs earlier this evening, just browsing one crafting blog and following links to another etc, and I came across a blog called 'A little Card by Me'. She had the most fab idea.

Starting in January, on the 25th day of each month (Rudolph Day) you make 5 Christmas cards. All going well and according to plan, by 25th November you will have made 55 Christmas cards!!! Sorted!

I am definitely going to do this as it's always such a mad rush to make sure that everyone of my friends gets one and those that don't (and get shop bought ones) are usually extremely disappointed. Anyway, I thought I'd share that with you as it seemed like such a good idea. From tomorrow... 5 christmas cards will be made. Promise! In fact, I'll make six for the next five months so that I can catch up with those I missed in January. We'll see how long this little fad lasts shall we...?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Warmer Weather

I can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit (if not a lot), it's been really nice having the sunshine in the garden but I wish it was warm enough to open the back door and let the fresh air in like I did during the school half term, it was so lovely to have a warm breeze flowing through the place.

This time last year we were having exceptionally warm weather...what's happened??? All my flowers are out in bloom in the garden but it still doesn't feel warm enough to leave the house coatless. Am I asking too much for February, or was I just incredibly spoilt last year???

Roll on heat...I'm freeeeeeezing!

Race for Life

Thanks to everyone who has showed their support for Lianne, she really is very grateful. She is still training and has been running with Sarah and her brother as often as she can. Even when she played Netball after school on Wednesday she did a few extra laps of the school field. She's really into it and hopefully it will keep her fit too.

Spring is in the air...

Penny Black again... this one is called 'Spring Joy' and is one of my personal favourites. Sarn bought him for me at Alexander Palace, again, another bargain from the Penny Black stall 'bargain box'. You might have guessed that we like the Penny Black stall alot, not to mention the Whipper Snapper stall, (plus various others, but we always come back to this one several times). Orange and yellow flowers from Malaysia as before. I said earlier that they arrived in the post this morning and as you can probably tell from the amount of cards I've made today, I've been enjoying myself immensely, playing with them. Coloured with watercolour pencils and I've added glitter to the daffodil too.

Uplifting Occasion

Penny Black...'Uplifting Occasion'. Sarn inspired me to make this one as hers was so lovely, take a look at her blog sometime, it's fab. She makes such great cards. Added three flowers, as odd numbers are always more appealing (so I'm told) and I tend to agree. Used a clear Jelly Roll pen to colour in the lace on the bra to add a little 'sparkle', the rest was coloured with watercolour pencils and the background paper is from and is called Marooned Daisies (RMKSCB95).

Close Up...

I thought I would post a close up image of this card as you can see it in more detail this way. The flower is really pretty in real life and doesn't really show the colours that well in the photo. I added a light blue brad to the middle, so that it matched the colour scheme. As you can see; the book, her skirt and legs, the chair and the table have been decoupaged and I've added a little glitter to the steam coming from the coffee cup. I have also painted a very faint blue watercolour around the image which I think you can see better around her left shoulder by the flower, but it is actually all around the image.

Thanks a Latte

Thanks Sarn, another great image. Flower from Malaysia as before (although I'm sure you can get them here too). These were a good price but they're mulberry paper, not silk or fabric. I watercoloured then decoupaged the image. Apologies for the picture quality, as it isn't great, I was in a hurry to get it on my blog as I was so pleased with it. Thanks again Sarn, you gave me the inspiration to do something great with it, when you first sent them I wasn't sure where to begin.

Best Friends Forever

Well, here's an image my BF, Sarn, sent me. I love these vibrant colours. I got the fushia cardstock from my local craft shop, ABC in Berkhamsted. I watercoloured the image. The green and pink Zoomz were from Caz, the flowers (which arrived this morning) came from Malaysia. I decoupaged the image to include the pillow, her shoulder, her head and the chocolates. The scalloped circle was also from Sarn (another great colour match eh???). Considering Sarn sent a few samples in various colours most of them have been pretty good matches for the cardstock I have here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Race for Life

I'm so proud of my baby (Lianne, aged 10), she's enrolled with her cousin and her aunt to do the Race for Life in June 2008 for Cancer. She's already started running with Sarah (her cousin) and she's gone round the block a few times with her brother Lewis in tow (during daylight hours I might add). She's such a caring child, always thinking of others and she said she would like to do this for her Granddad Ray, who recently died (2007) and my two granddads (Granddad Alex and Granddad Stanley, who died of Cancer).

I nearly cried when she asked me if she could do it as it was something she felt quite strongly about. I'll take loads of pictures and post them when the race is over to let you know how she did. If anyone would like to sponsor matter how great or small the amount, please email me at, hopefully between them, Lianne, her cousin Sarah and her auntie Dianne will make a difference to someone's quality of life. Good luck girls... xxx

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lovely Lilac

Penny Black's 'Love Bubbles' mounted on lovely lilac. I love this stamp so much, as it reminds me of the children in the garden last summer only they were as cute as hedgehogs... he he heee! Coloured with watercolour pencils (I did use some water but only on the bottom half of the grass and on the bubbles themselves. Got my clear Jelly Roll pen and added a little sparkle to each of the bubbles. Apart from that just a simple stamp and colour. Mounted onto lilac base card and then added the pewter embellishment (threaded with lilac gingham ribbon) which says 'Blessed'. Added the flower to break up the whiteness.

Up close and personal

Thought you might be able to see the layers a bit better but this picture isn't very clear. Anyway, at least you can see the cat up close and the colours.

All coloured in with watercolour pencils, but no water added.

Red, White and Blue...

Another Penny Black stamp, 'Life of the Party'... Red, White and Blue colours to get away from the lilacs, whites and pinks for a change. Mounted onto red and blue card, with blue ribbon to match the blue card. Then mounted again onto white and finally mounted to the red base card.

Blue ribbons are threaded through the white card. Glitter is added to the parcel and the hat.

I'll add a close up in a little while so that you can see it from a different angle. Hope you like it.

Allocation Day

Allocation Day is 3rd March 2008. This is when Lianne finds out if she is to get the Secondary School of her choice or not. She wanted me to thank you all for your kind comments and to let you know that as soon as we'll know.

She's terribly worried that she won't get offered any of her three choices (although she only really wants choice one or two). Most of last years Year 6 students from her school, didn't get any of their choices as all the local schools were all so over-subscribed, which is why I think she is so worried. I'm trying to be as calm about it as possible so that she doesn't get freaked out by my worrying. I applied for her schools online so we will be given an email at some point during that day to let us know which school she's got, therefore I will find out before she does as I will check my emails before going to collect her from school. At least then I will have a bit of time to compose myself correctly and be prepared for if she is likely to be disappointed OR, congratulate her and take her and Lewis out for a treat to celebrate! Fingers crossed it's the latter. xxx

Monday, February 18, 2008

Rose Bud (Flower Fairies)

I made this card for Lianne to wish her good luck in getting the school of her choice next month. She's really anxious (as is her dear old mum) and I really hope she gets her first choice (or at least one of the three). Unfortunately, the flash has spoilt some of the image, maybe I'll get a better picture tomorrow in daylight. No stamping on this card just a freebie decoupage of Rose Bud the Flower Fairy (Lianne's favourite from when she was little). Pink and white spotted background. Really simple but I added the glitter to her wings.

Please Note: A new picture (taken in natural light) has since been added (19 February 2008)

Chocolate Berries

Made with yet another Penny Black stamp, 'A Gift for You'. I added Brown card in strips to a plain white background and then added the blue and brown background paper (Making Memories Embellishment Paper, called Berry (Funky Vintage - Lizzie Collection)), which I received from Card Making and Papercraft as part of a gift that I received (as well as Sarn) for an article that featured recently on our Inspiration Jars.

I then added the stamped image with some ribbon and then added the scalloped cut out (kindly given to me by Sarn - what a fab colour match, don't you think Sarn???)


Another 18th, another card. Penny Black's 'Sweet Slumber', coloured with watercolour pencils...yes, I actually used water this time. Giant 'C' cut out as before (her name is Clare), Psychodelic background paper by ProvoCraft, all mounted onto Lilac base card. Added '1' lilac flower although it looks darker than lilac here and added white ribbon with lilac spots, from local market.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

On top of things...

This card is for my sister-in-law Sherree's birthday. It's not until the 24th but as you can see I am getting on top of things and keeping up-to-date. I'm so paranoid that I'll forget something or someone I'm trying to make sure I'm well ahead of myself in the calendar should the unexpected occur.

She's also a Bella but I'm not sure which one (again courtesy of my good friend). I added the adhesive pearls, in the form of three and then added the flower and the giant S which again I made myself using the same background paper and then mounted onto silver metallic card. Don't faint Sarn, no ribbons!


I made this card for my friends daughter who is three tomorrow. Then I thought 'God I hope the flower will be alright, as I remembered what my two were like for pulling things off. Although I'm sure that Michelle will be a smart mum and not let her play with it.

Her name is Ella Grace and I was going to do a giant 'EG' but then I thought it might be too much so I kept it simple and just put her name on it.

The stamp is by Stampabilities, House-Mouse and is called 'Donut Bliss' Muzzy. Usually I would add a clear gloss to the glaze on the doughnut but I've run out, although I don't think a three year old would appreciate it anyway.

Happy Birthday Ella Grace.

Friday, February 15, 2008

S is for Suzy...

S is for Suzy... Don't know if Suzy is sister to Hannah but I was asked to make two 18th birthday cards. One for a girl who liked to shop and another for a girl into beauty products. Don't know if you can see but the boxes say, ' Beauty...Lipstick...Powder and Cosmetics.' I think they'll like them (I do)!

Cut out the letters by hand and matched them to the background card used to mount the stamped image. Cardstock is black and so is the flower. The funky ribbon was bought on the internet and the brads were purchased at AP.

Stamped image is a Bella. Don't know which one as friend stamped a load and posted them to me.

H is for Hannah...

H is for Hannah, Hannah's 18th Birthday. I made the 'H' myself, stamped Bella image courtesy of my friend which I coloured in with pencils and mounted onto pink paper and then onto metallic pink card. I made the 'H' with the same pink paper which I also mounted onto metallic pink card and cut around to make a border, I then used foam pads to give it dimension and raise it above the other images. I then added the pink PaperMania flower, the ribbon and the Zoomz, then added the Anita's silver wording and number 18.

Say it with flowers...

A friend contacted me yesterday morning asking me to make a card for her friend's 60th birthday. She just said she liked flowers, so I thought as it was a sixtieth, it needed something special that High Street cards lack. So I made a Shakers Card for her and cut out the '60' from the cardstock. Covered it with acetate, mounted some sticky foam pads and added the confetti inside. Put sparkly card in the background and sealed it. I then added a plain white insert and added the flowers to the front of the card. I know it's not three flowers but I think if I'd've put any more on it would've looked 'too busy'. I think it works but let me know if you think I should add anything else. Thanks, Fae x

Cat Nap

This is one I made yesterday...

Again, Penny Black, 'Life of the Party', colour co-ordinated to match the background paper. Mounted onto green card and added corners to add a little something different. Added two coloured ribbons also to co-ordinate and added 'three' adhesive pearls. Wording is by Anita's Peel Offs, I really like these, in shiny silver and added the PaperMania flower as before.

Not bad for a bloke's card. Note I used orange again! What a lovely 'spring' colour. I like blue, orange and green together, I didn't think it would work until I put it all together, but I am quite pleased with the result! Hope Mark will like it???

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dead Call

I'm reading this book of short Ghost Stories at the moment. I read this one last night and thought I would share it with you as it scared the pants of off me and that's saying something when I read and watch every horror book/film going. This one is called Dead Call by William F. Nolan. I hope he won't mind me sharing it with you, it was just too good not to.

Len had been dead for a month when the telephone rang. Midnight. Cold in the house and me dragged up from sleep to answer the call. Helen gone for the weekend. Me, alone in the house. And the phone ringing... 'Hello.' 'Hello, Frank.' 'Who is this?' 'You know me. It's Len...Len Stiles.' Cold. Deep and intense. The receiver dead-cold metal in my hand. 'Leonard Stiles died four weeks ago.' 'Four weeks, three days, two hours and twenty-seven minutes ago - to be exact.' 'I want to know who you are!' A chuckle. The same dry chuckle I'd heard so many times. 'C'mon ole buddy - after twenty years. Hell, you know me.' 'This is a damned poor joke!' 'No joke, Frank. You're there, alive. And I'm here, dead. And you know something, ole buddy? I'm really glad I did it.' 'Did...what?' 'Killed myself. Because...death is just what I hoped it would be: beautiful...grey...quiet. No pressures.' 'Len Stiles' death was an accident...a concrete freeway barrier...His car-' 'I aimed my car for that barrier. Pedal to the floor. Doing almost a hundred when I hit...No accident, Frank.' The voice cold...Cold. 'I wanted to be dead...and no regrets.' I tried to laugh, make light of this - matching his chuckle with my own. 'Dead men don't use telephones.' 'I'm not really using a phone, not in a physical sense. It's just that I chose to contact you this way. You might say it's a matter of psychic electricity. As a detatched spirit, I'm able to align my cosmic vibrations to match the vibrations of this power line. Simple, really.' 'Sure. A snap. Nothing to it.' 'Naturally you're sceptical. I expected you to be. but... listen carefully to be, Frank.' And I listened - with the phone gripped in my hand in that cold night house - as the voice told me things that only Len could know...intimate details of shared experiences extending back through two decades. And when he'd finished I was certain of one thing: He was Len Stiles. 'But how...I still don't...' 'Think of this phone as a medium - a line of force through which I can bridge the gap between us.' The dry chuckle again. 'Hell, you gotta admit it beats holding hands around a table in the dark - yet the principle in the same.'

I'd been standing on my desk, transfixed by the voice. Now I moved behind the desk, sat down, trying to absorb this dark miracle. My muscles were wire-taut, my fingers cramped about the metal receiver. I dragged in a slow breath, the night dampness of the room pressing at me. 'All right...I don't believe in ghosts, don't pretend to understand any of this, but...I'll accept it. I must accept it.' 'I'm glad, Frank - because it's important that we talk.' A long moment of hesitation. Then the voice, lower now, softer. 'I know how lousy things have been, ole buddy.' 'What do you mean?' 'I just know how things are going for you. And...I want to help. As your friend. I want you to know that I understand.' 'Well, I'm really not -' 'You've been feeling bad haven't you? Kind of down...right?' 'Yeah. A little, I guess.' 'And I don't blame you. You've got reasons. Lots of reasons...For one, there's your money problem.' 'I'm expecting a raise. Cooney promised me one - within the next few weeks.' 'You won't get it, Frank. I know. He's lying to you. Right now, at this moment, he's looking for a man to replace you at the company. Cooney's planning to fire you.' 'He never liked me. We never got along from the day I walked into that office.' 'And your wife...All the arguements you've been having with her lately...It's a pattern, Frank. Your marriage is all over. Helen's going to ask you for a divorce. She's in love with another man.' 'Who, dammit? What's his name?' 'You don't know him. Wouldn't change things if you did. There's nothing you can do about it now. Helen just...doesn't love you anymore. These things happen to people.' 'We've been drifting apart for the last year...But I didn't know why. I had no idea that she -' 'And then there's Jan. She's back on it, Frank. Only it's worse now. A lot worse.' I knew what he meant - and the coldness raked along my body. Jan was nineteen, my oldest daughter, and she'd been into drugs for the past three years. But she'd promised to quit. 'What do you know about Jan? Tell me' 'She's into the heavy stuff, Frank. She's hooked bad. It's too late for her.' 'What the hell are you saying?' 'I'm saying she's lost to you...She's rejected you, and there's no reaching her. She hates you...Blames you for everything!' 'I won't accept that kind of blame! I did my best for her.' 'It wasn't enough, Frank. We both know that. You'll never see Jan again.' The blackness was welling within me, a choking wave through my body. 'Listen to me, ole buddy...things are going to get worse, not better. I know. I went through my own kind of hell when I was alive.' 'I'll...start over. Leave the city. Go East, work with my brother in New York.' 'Your brother doesn't want you in his life. You'd be an alien. He never writes you, does he?' 'No, but that doesn't mean -' 'Not even a card at Christmas. No letters or calls. He doesn't want you with him, Frank, believe me.' And then he began to tell me other things. He began to talk about middle age, and how it was too late to make any kind of new beginning. He spoke of disease...loneliness...of rejection and despair. And the blackness was complete. 'There's only one real solution to things, Frank - just one. That gun you keep in your desk upstairs. Use it, Frank. Use the gun.' 'I couldn't do that.' 'But why not? What other choice have you got? The solution is there. Go upstairs and use the gun. I'll be waiting for you afterwards. You won't be alone. It'll be just like the old days... We'll be together...death is beautiful...Use the gun, Frank...The gun...Use the gun...The gun...The gun...'

I've been dead for a month now, and Len was right. It's fine here. No pressures. No worries. Grey and quiet and beautiful... I know how lousy things have been going for you. And they won't get any better. Isn't that your phone ringing? Better answer it. It's important that we talk...

Night, Night Peeps. Sweet dreams. And...don't answer the phone!!!!

General Chat...

Ah how sweet, Lianne's 'friend' just telephoned to wish her a Happy Valentine's Day and to ask if he could take her to the Cinema on Saturday, she's dead excited.

We've had a busy week so far... Me and the children have cleaned the car, raked all the dead leaves out of the garden and out of the flower beds, which I might add are looking lovely as all the snowdrops and crocuses are coming through. I even have some daffodils out there.

We've been shopping today, which was lovely, as we went in the middle of the day and it was practically empty. Bumped into loads of people we knew though, so it took a bit longer than normal as we had to stop and chat to them. We even bumped into a friend of my sister in law, Sherree, who said that she had only just finished watching a re-run of TAKE YOUR PICK and that it was the one that me and Steve were on about 16 years ago!!! We opened box number 7 and won a Fiat Panda!!!!

Tomorrow I'm stripping all the beds and doing all my washing in time for Monday when we all go back to work and School. Hopefully I can get a nice quiet weekend then. More time for crafting!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It Moose Be Love

Got a rather worried phonecall this morning from my Nephew, Chris, who I think must've been asleep for the past two weeks as he had no idea it was Valentine's Day on Thursday until this morning when he called me. 'Please Auntie Fae, can you make me a card for Nicola?' So here it is, I told him it was just as well I'm off work this week else I would never have been able to get it ready in time for him to pick it up tonight.
The moose stamp is from Whipper Snapper, mounted onto red metallic card and then mounted onto a brown strip of leftover cardstock then stuck to the red cardstock base. Flowers, again are from PaperMania (told you I went a bit mad buying stuff yesterday Sarn!) mounted to the card with mini silver brads. Coloured with pencils and added the silver lettering to personalise.

Missing You

Today's offering is from Whipper Snapper.

He's just too cute! I added the Zoomz, the ribbon and the flower and just 'Best Wishes' for the greeting. Coloured with pencils on plain white background, mounted onto green and brown cardstock.

Moo's Be Love Too

After careful consideration, I decided that something was missing from this card, so I added the flower. Too much? Better? Worse? You decide. The brad in the centre of the flower was plain white so I painted it with my Clinique nail varnish as the colour matched perfectly. Told you I was Anthea!!! Personally, I think it's an improvement as there appeared to be too much 'white' space up there. We'll see when your comments come in, what you think.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Archive 2006

I found this picture amongst others from my files from 2006! I was reading Caz's blog earlier and she was saying that some people have a strong dislike for the colour ORANGE. I have had experience of this in the past before where I have made orange cards and then been told that the recipient hates orange. This was made using a Whipper Snapper stamp and I love it so much. The orange and blue work so well together and I just think it's a lovely bright, cheerful card. ORANGE rocks!

Stupid Cupid...

Every year at work,we do a Secret Santa, where everyone puts their name on a piece of paper and then we all put them in a box. One week before school breaks up we each take a name out of the box and buy that person a nice (and appropriate) present, so we have to do a bit of a background check to find out what that person likes.

Every day last week we had Secret Cupid Week. Same principle, we filled in a quick questionnaire about our likes etc, what would you take with you on a deserted island, what's your fave colour, chocolate, music, perfume etc and then put them in a box. We each then picked one and had to leave little treats for our Secret Cupid in their pigeonholes or on their desks each day.

I got some bubble bath from the Sanctuary, some red carnations, chocolates, a bar of fruit and nut, the Footprints poem, a picture of Captain Jack Sparrow and some cherry flavoured lip gloss. It was lovely going in to work everyday with something sweet in my pigeonhole. It was a great success in terms of morale boosting too so I think they may well do it regularly.

Get Well Cuppa

Here's a 'cheat' card I made earlier. I got given this card when I was poorly at the end of last year and it was too cute to throw away so I cannobilised it and cut out the cup and saucer and the wire 'steam' and added it to my own card. The blue background is actually glitter card which I then mounted onto plain white cardstock and added a colour co-ordinated ribbon. The Get Well message was already printed onto the original card.

Tee'd Off

This is yet another Penny Black stamp...sorry (Missed You!) which I have coloured in with watercolour pencils. I then mounted it onto green card, added some thin green ribbon and then mounted onto blue striped wrapping paper, which I just tore in half. Added a couple of Zoomz and some golfing embellishments from m.i.y range from Paper Cellar and added the little 'Have a Great Day' stamp in the corner. Generally, I don't like making cards for men, but I think I like this one. Maybe because it has that cheeky little hedgehog in the middle. I love this wrapping paper too. Had no intention on wrapping anything with it when I bought it, just knew it would be fab on cards as it has that lovely little strip of silver running through it. Who needs peel offs???

Roses are Red

I LOVE this stamp from Penny Black (Furry Love).

I decoupaged the envelope, the wrapping of the bouquet with the cats hand and the roses only. Coloured in with Marvy le Plume felts and coloured pencils.

I then mounted the cat onto red metallic card which I then mounted onto a sheet of leftover red card. I also mounted the strip onto red metallic card and added some Zoomz. I then mounted the whole thing onto white cardstock.

Moo's Be Love

Another great Penny Black stamp (Got Love?).

Rather than the traditional red, I went for a spot of fushia on this one. As I had some lovely ribbon and a great mini stamp pad by VersaColor in Peony which seemed to match quite well. The heart stamped in the background is from PSX.

I coloured the heart in with a Marvy le Plume pen and the rest is coloured pencils. Added some Zoomz to the ribbon and stopped there.

Lucious Lilac xx

This is a card I made for my Nanna. It's not her birthday until the 22nd but I knew I had to make it now or I'll wake up tomorrow and it'll be the 21st and I won't have made anything. I know it's safe to post to blog now as she wouldn't have the faintest idea how to log onto a computer, she still doesn't bother with her remote control despite the fact that me and my family have told her repeatedly that she doesn't need to get up to turn the telly over!!!
The flowers, adhesive pearls and the adhesive ribbon are all from PaperMania, words by Anita. Stamp by Penny Black (Pinky Joy), coloured by me in Pencil. What a great start to my week off, I'm really pleased with the outcome. Not sure if I should add an '80' somewhere though or leave it to the inside as she might not want everyone to know and she keeps all my cards up...all year round, bless her! Send your answers on the back of a postcard, he he he xxxx

Feathered Love

This cute little fella is from Whipper Snapper Designs. He's so cute I couldn't resist him. Mounted onto Blue and Green papers to compliment my colouring in and added a lovely little dragonfly (or butterfly, but I like dragonflies so that's what he is as far as I am concerned) stamp, from Elzybells (09.003.B).
A bit of blue and white gingham ribbon and a flower from PaperMania with a pale blue brad to finish. Hee Hee Hee. I love him.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Week of Love

Just a quickie to wish all my friends and loved ones a special, happy week of LURVE. Why should Valentines just be one day, I wish you all a WEEK of LURVE and more. Hope you all get spoilt by your loved ones and get treated in the way you all deserve. Be Happy!
Love and Kisses, Fae xxx

Shopping Bella

For Jason and Liv, a shared birthday (not twins). Another image courtesy of Linda in Arkensas (I think I spelt it correctly?) Again, one of her latest purchases. Why are stamps so much cheaper in America??? Can anyone tell me? Why do the British always get screwed on price?

I quite like this one so I think I might have to buy it, as you really get two stamps for the price of one here. You can mask it and use just the girl on her own or the fella on his own. Either way you have a great image. I used this one complete as it was for a joint birthday.

Added ribbon and background papers to compliment. Handwriting again, is my own.

Snips and Snails

I'm afraid I can't tell you who the image is by as a crafting friend I purchased some stamps off, posted me a load of images from the states of stamps she was selling and I just had to make this card up for one of my friends nephew's birthday. I have a feeling it's one of those ones Caz likes... Magnolia or something maybe??? Anyway, she wasn't selling this one but it's one of her latest purchases.

Mounted onto green card and green ribbon added for dimension. Coloured with pencil (still one of my favourite methods of adding colour) and the writing is my own.

He's not one of my favourite stamped images, but it works quite well on this occasion. Hope you like?

Sweet 'Pea'

I made this card for my old boss as she became a grannie for the first time last week. I was going to put a big green apple on the front as her surname is 'Smith' and I was going to write 'Grannie Smith' underneath but I decided to go for something a bit more 'keepsie' rather than something she might not understand or appreciate. I do love these little 'sweetpea' stamps. Apologies as I cannot remember who makes them. Might be Wordsworth but Sarn will know for sure if you wanna ask her. Background paper by ProvoCraft called Baby Boy Sweet Pea and coloured in using watercolour pencils. Added some sparkly card behind image and added bradz and some ribbon.

Handle with Care...

This heart 'felt' card was made using Penny Black stamp 'Fragile'. I decoupaged the heart, the cats hands and his foot to give a 3D affect. The red hearts above the cat on either side were created using a magazine freebie which has the 'Magic Transfers' and the red felt. Once you attach the glue image of the heart you simply place the felt over the top and rub and the felt remains on the glued image. Purrrrr-fect!

P.S. I love this cat as he has such a cheeky face.


Another Valentine card. Not long to go now...

The 'lips' stamped in the background are from Hampton Art and I love them so much. Perfect for backgrounds or just adding a 'kiss' after my signature on a card or the back of an envelope.

The hedgehog is... yes you guessed it, Penny Black and you will see I've left the image black and white except for the hearts which were coloured in with a pink jelly roll pen. Added some ribbon and some pink Zoomz and it's done.

Hope you like it x