Monday, October 29, 2007


yippeeeeeeeee!!! I'd say I deserve a Blue Peter badge just for having had patience in getting the card on there. I hope it was worth it??? Anyway, here's Hallowe'en card number two.

Uploading pictures...

Can't get any 'bleeping' pictures to upload, it's being a right pain in the whatzit!!!!!! ARGHHHHH!

Happy Hallowe'en

Made this and two other Hallowe'en cards this afternoon. Grrrrrr! What do you think? Spooky or what? More like NOT! But hey...I like 'em!

Pants Day...

Yesterday was real pants... It was raining most of the day, the traffic in Watford was a nightmare and I couldn't get my shopping done. I spent most of the day telling the kids to be quiet because I had a stinking headache and then they went to bed and I wished I had let them stay up a bit longer because I missed them... Can't win! But at least my headache went by the time I eventually hit my pillow.
I did manage to find some time to make this Crimble card though. I decided against throwing away the cheap Christmas cards I bought in Poundland because they seemed quite cute so I cut up three of them and decoupaged the image onto my own christmas paper and added some sparkle glitter and hey presto! What do you think?

Brother-In-Law's Wedding

Sorry I wasn't around as promised over the weekend... I went to my Brother-in-Law, Stuart's wedding on Saturday afternoon and was just too busy rushing around on Saturday morning getting myself and the other little peeps washed and dressed. It was a lovely do and the bride, Sarah, looked amazing (but then she has got a lovely figure) and wore a stunning dress with white fur bolero jacket.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Enough for one day...

Anyway, that's enough for one day, I'll be back tomorrow to bore the pants off you some more. In the meantime, keep crafting and sweet dreams.

See you tomorrow (I hope)?

Cute Doggie...

Here's one I made using one of Stamping Caz's folding techniques I learnt at the weekend at The Glitter Pot. The stamp is from and they're all fab! Love them loads.

Mrs Claus...

Here's one LIANNE made. She's ten years old and my word she's talented. I basically left her alone with this one and just gave her the bits to put it all together. Hope one day, we'll be able to go into business together. That'd be fab! And Sarn of course, but have to persuade my hubby to move closer to her first. Wish me and Sarn could craft together every night or even once a week, think every night might be grounds for divorce from her hubby and mine!!! Hee hee hee xxx

Jingle Bells...

Well here it is, first Christmas Card of the year. Well actually this is my second attempt at the same card, didn't like the first one so I've coloured this one in differently and added some sparkle...
Love these papers. Received them from Card Making and Papercraft as me and Sarn had an article in there and they sent us a fab prize each. Lots of lovely things, thanks CM&P!

Message for Sarn...

DO YOUR IRONING!!! Then chat to me later! Love you hon xxx


Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat... Well I've finally got myself motivated to start making my Christmas cards! Perhaps it was the vision in town of all the Christmas lights and tinsel everywhere you looked. Why do shops do that? It's not even Hallowe'en yet (my most favourite time of the year in fact) and we haven't even put the clocks back (at least not until Sunday - don't forget else you'll be late for work on Monday morning...tut tut!). Well I'm off to start my first christmas card of the season, at least I've promised myself I will anyway. We'll this space!

Just got back...

Well, I bought some papers (double sided) and some envelopes, as my stock was disappearing fast and then I got some gems, Zoomz and some cardstock. Mum had a good idea when we were browsing in Poundland, buy some Christmas card packs and get rid of the cards but keep the envelopes, good thinking mum (love you). So that's what I did. Got about 50 envelopes for £2. Result!

Flowers and Spots...

With this card, I took inspiration from Caz. I love the way she used the ribbons in the criss-cross way on one of her cards and just had to try it for myself. I'm quite pleased with this card. Bit spotty but otherwise I'm pleased!

Silver Wedding...

This is a card I made for a recent Silver Wedding Anniversary, for a work colleague. The background cardstock is actually silver linen embossed but doesn't show up very well. The dress is from Jolee's and I did the writing myself with a permanent pen which I then embossed with black embossing powder. The church is a black and white picture of the actual church she got married in, which I mounted onto black gloss cardstock and then highlighted certain areas with a watercolour pencil.


Another Penny Black stamp., but this ones a dog and not a cat or hedgehog. Love this background paper. Monochrome again... so dramatic!

Hope you like it...?

Quiet Day...

Today is the last day of half term and I'm taking the children over to Berkhamstead for a drive (not to visit a little craft shop that's over there...honest!) Oh, okay then, yes, there is an ulterior motive! I love these Zoomz that I received from Stamping Caz so I'm going to go and purchase some more in different colours. Also need some more ribbons and background papers.

When we went to Stamping Caz's craft session on Saturday at The Glitter Pot, we made some fab cards using double sided backing papers and for some reason I only have single sided, so I NEED some more, I really do.

Can't decide what Bella's to buy so I'm gonna spend a few more days drooling over the website before deciding which ones before I finally make my purchase.

Love ya all, Fae x

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Belle de Jour... aka Billie Piper

Well... what can I say? The mind boggles. I've seen Billie Piper battle against Daleks and Cybermen, see the creation and the end of the world, but I've never seen her in this light. In case you haven't been watching and don't have a clue what I'm talking about, I've just been watching 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl...' on ITV2. It was raunchy but very good. She's such a good actress, either that or she was totally enjoying herself with another woman...who knows? Night, night peeps. See you tomorrow x


Another Penny Black I'm afraid. Some background papers which I purchased with Sarn at Ally Pally in April 2007 have simply been torn and I only coloured in parts of the chicken.
I love monochrome cards with just a splash of colour. They look so dramatic! I mounted the stamp on white paper then onto black before mounting onto white again, finishing with a simple black bow!
I always leave the insides blank as I could use this card for Christmas or for a Birthday.


And yet another Penny Black stamp. This one is gorgeous. Perfect for a two year old's birthday. She should love it. Well, at least, I hope so!
I've coloured this one with water colour pencils and added a little sparkle with GellyRoll pens.
Embellishments and background papers are from my local Art and Crafts shop. Sorry, can't remember who manufactures the paper.
Hope you like?

Nature's Way

Another one of my favourites. Love this stamp (yes, you've guessed it...Penny Black!) The Penny Black stamps are so easy to use and can be used for so many different occasions. I just love them. Are you bored yet?

Grape Anyone...?

This is one of my favourite House Mouse stamps. I've watercoloured the image and added a bit of ribbon. I love using this colour cardstock with this stamp as they co-ordinate brilliantly.

And there's more...

Here's another of my creations... loving this creative streak. Hope it's here to stay. Have just ordered two new Penny Black stamps (I know, I know... money's too tight etc etc) but I couldn't resist it.

I'm on a roll...

Here's another one. As you can see, I've been busy during the school half term, my poor children! Bless them!


Just been on Stamping Caz's blog and she mentioned the Bella stamps so I went on their website and I've fallen in lurve, they're fab. Got to buy some of those, they'll make brilliant cards and they have such a fantastic selection. Gotta get some... soon. Have to save up 'big time' first though as money's too tight to mention at the moment.

Picture of Sarn

Sorry, just realised on my earlier message re Alexander Palace didn't have the picture of me and Sarn attached... well I am new to this (give me a break...not literally!). Anyway, here she is, my bezzie mate Sarn... she's the one on the left.

PTS Card

Oh my, I've just finished making this card and couldn't wait to post it to my new blogspot. Let me know what you think, I'd love to get some feedback. My husband, Steve, works for the Patient Transport Service and one of his colleagues is leaving so they asked me to make a special card for her to say goodbye... you know, something we may wish to keep! This is what I came up with.

Catchya later...

Alexander Palace

This is my best friend Sarn, we usually meet up twice a year at Alexander Palace as she sadly lives 80 miles away from me, not that we let distance stop us being friends. This year, in fact last week, we were lucky enough to get together a third time, we went to The Glitter Pot and had a crafting session with Stamping Caz. It was a great day out for me as I had no children, fortunately Steve took them off to Brighton for the day and left me in peace. We made four fabulous cards with Caz and it was lovely to finally have the opportunity to craft with my bezzie mate. Thanks Caz x

P.S. Love to Julie and Sarn's Dad Barry for sharing their fabulous lunches with me! Yum Yum!

Hello Peeps...

Hi everyone.

Welcome to my Blog Spot. Here I'll be posting new articles and pictures of various cards I make from time to time and hope to hear some of your comments, good and bad. I'm always looking for constructive criticism. Anyway, here is a card I made earlier this week. I hope you like it...?