Monday, October 29, 2007

Pants Day...

Yesterday was real pants... It was raining most of the day, the traffic in Watford was a nightmare and I couldn't get my shopping done. I spent most of the day telling the kids to be quiet because I had a stinking headache and then they went to bed and I wished I had let them stay up a bit longer because I missed them... Can't win! But at least my headache went by the time I eventually hit my pillow.
I did manage to find some time to make this Crimble card though. I decided against throwing away the cheap Christmas cards I bought in Poundland because they seemed quite cute so I cut up three of them and decoupaged the image onto my own christmas paper and added some sparkle glitter and hey presto! What do you think?


Sarn loves choc said...

Very cute hon and good for the environment!

Fae said...

Absolutely, I'm a VERY strong believer in recycling, and he really was too cute to throw away... worked a treat though didn't it...? Think I might need to photograph it at a different angle though so that viewers can see the decoupage properly. What do you think?