Friday, October 26, 2007

Quiet Day...

Today is the last day of half term and I'm taking the children over to Berkhamstead for a drive (not to visit a little craft shop that's over there...honest!) Oh, okay then, yes, there is an ulterior motive! I love these Zoomz that I received from Stamping Caz so I'm going to go and purchase some more in different colours. Also need some more ribbons and background papers.

When we went to Stamping Caz's craft session on Saturday at The Glitter Pot, we made some fab cards using double sided backing papers and for some reason I only have single sided, so I NEED some more, I really do.

Can't decide what Bella's to buy so I'm gonna spend a few more days drooling over the website before deciding which ones before I finally make my purchase.

Love ya all, Fae x


Stampingcaz said...

great blog and what are you saying no nice photos of you! BLURR you should see mine. You look very pretty in your photo ;)

Hi, my name is Fae said...

thanks caz, glad you like my blog (that means SO much). I have just finished making a card with ribbons, I copied one of your layouts, hope you don't mind. It's not a patch on yours but I'm quite pleased with it... hope you come back soon.