Saturday, March 07, 2009

Driving Me Crazeeeeeeee

This is definitely an 'Anita's' stamp and definitely, definitely one of my first purchases. I have used this loads but I'm sure you can probably tell by now from all of my other postings today that I have been clearing out the garage and have found a selection of stamps I'd forgotton I had. Lovely, it's been like Christmas all over again, finding them all and I've had great fun stamping with some old friends (not people...stamps!) I'm off to the funny farm now as Lianne thinks I have finally truely lost my marbles... ha ha ha!

You're Retiring

This is a House Mouse card. I don't own many House Mouse stamps but I loved this one soooooo much I had to have it. It colours perfectly and the grapes look great either in green or purple. This is a card for someone retiring! Doh! D'ya think?

Baby Love...

This is a great stamp and again, one of my very first purchases, I don't use it that much and thought about getting rid of it or offering it for a swap and then I made this with it, so I think I am going to keep it for a little while longer. I was going to add some pink ribbon to this card but decided to just add some cut out letters across the bottom instead. Not sure who made the stamp sorry. Will have a look later and add it afterwards.

Orange Blossom

Another great Penny Black stamp and an orange overload... I chose the orange background mainly because I really wanted to do something with it and finally get to use it and I thought that this cheerful stamp would fit perfectly. Added some orange flowers and the silver wording peeloff and some orange gemstones. Perfect to cheer someone up who's feeling a bit down (especially if they are leaving work!)

Hello Spring...

I love this 'Springtime' card. The image I'm not sure who it's by but it was one of my very first stamp purchases, maybe 'Anita's'. Love using this stamp although I haven't used it for a while, as there is so much you can do with it. On this occasion I have decoupaged the flower and have added glitter all over each of the boxes on the right hand side. I cut out the individual letters to read 'hello' and decoupaged them also. Lovely!

Treats for my Treat

A Penny Black thank you card using a card technique / design that Stamping Caz taught us at one of her classes at the Glitter Pot last year. I love making this style as it is perfect as an alternative to a plain square card and just right for inserting a gift card or token inside.