Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I'm also sad because...

I'm unplugging my computer at the weekend.

In order to sell my house, I need my kitchen to look like a kitchen and not a franchise of HobbyCraft, therefore the computer and all my crafting stuff will have to go into storage for the foreseeable future. I will still try, where possible to leave new card pictures and messages for you all at the weekend, when I am able to pop round and see my parents. I'm sure my lovely daddy won't mind me taking over his office for the few hours I get to see him.

Also, belated birthday wishes to my lovely mum. She was SIXTY on Monday and we all went out for a lovely meal on Friday evening. Family and friends gathered, and danced, and were merry (mum especially). It really was a lovely evening, thanks mum! Hope you had a lovely time at the meal and also on your actual birthday, despite watching the children for me when I returned to work. Thanks for everything.

Today... I am sad

and a little excited too.

Lianne starts secondary school tomorrow. It seems like only yesterday she was crawling through the back garden on her hands and knees, stuffing her face with everything she could find and filling her nappy. Now I find that I am standing here ironing a secondary school uniform and she's getting ready for her first big day and a new big challenge. Yet another milestone, I wasn't quite prepared for...

Good luck Lianne, I'm proud of you, every day, I love you so much.