Sunday, December 09, 2007

I made this for Steve's nephew who wanted a personal and handmade card for his Girlfriend, Nicola. Apparently she likes princesses so I made this lovely little Whipper Snapper card for her with some lovely Christmas papers that my Bezzie Mate Sarn gave me last year.

Birthday Bella

Here's another Bella offering in the form of a Birthday card this time.

She's not topped my number 1 spot, never been defeated, Penny Black stamps, they're my all-time favourites, but she comes a very close second. She's growing on me more and more.

Stamp is by Stamping Bella
Cardstock, ribbon and papers from local Craft Shop
Adhesive Flower by PaperMania

Stamping Bella

Allow me to introduce 'Bella'. I love these stamps, they're fab and there are SOOOOO many of them to choose from. She comes in so many different poses and scenes, a girl for all seasons.

I just had to make this one for a friend of mine who doesn't really celebrate Christmas as such, so I opted for an untraditional orange and blue instead of the usual red and green, but Bella is still bearing gifts.

Stamp is from Stamping Up
Ribbon and card stock is from local craft store

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Good wishes for Caz

As you may or may not be aware, Caz's dad is in a bad way in hospital at the moment, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Caz. Hope he is on the road to recovery and good health soon. Thinking of you and your family lots.
Love and best wishes, Fae

Happy Anniversary

Today is mum and dad's wedding anniversary. Here's the card I made for them using one of Caz's templates that I learnt at the Glitter Pot. Mum loved it and I have to say, this little PB hedgehog is still one of my all time favourites...
The fabric label is from Me and My Big Ideas, 'Threads', they're fab and look really good on cards (and clothing, Lianne liked one of the labels so much she got me to sew it to the pocket of her jeans)!
Have just been looking over my latest blog entries and have come to the conclusion that although I thought ribbons were my main passion, I reckon, buttons come a close second if not a joint first place... they're everywhere!!! Why didn't you tell me Sarn, am I using them TOO much?

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Shopping...

Well. I've started my Christmas shopping. NO! Don't get too excited, I've brought some tags and some wrapping paper, that's about as fae as I go for the moment. Shopping in Watford at the moment is a NIGHTMARE!!! It's been chaotic. Saturday 1st December, all roads leading to the town...GRID LOCKED!!!! Honking horns, people walking around with faces like they'd been slapped with a wet fish, and cars and people everywhere. Children being dragged around screaming "I WANT I WANT IWANT" where's the christmas 'spirit' gone? Where's the magic??? I want the magic back! I want christmas to start the week before Christmas, not in October when the Harlequin Centre and London shops feel it neccesary to cover everything in fairy lights and glitter. I want the magic or writing letters to santa, not typing them on a computer. I want my kids to sit down and really, I MEAN REALLY think about what they want. I want to bake cookies and mince pies with the children and put them out on christmas eve whether they're perfect or not, with the carrots for the reindeer. I will say one thing though, that I found in the town last week that was perfect... in a card shop I found a christmas card with a 'magic key' on the front and it simply said, 'because we have no chimney, leave this out for Santa by the back door. I live in a bungalow, with no chimney so I had to buy it. If Santa landed his sleigh on our roof I think he'd definitely come through the roof!!! ha ha ha. BRING BACK THE MAGIC!!!!