Monday, February 11, 2008

Tee'd Off

This is yet another Penny Black stamp...sorry (Missed You!) which I have coloured in with watercolour pencils. I then mounted it onto green card, added some thin green ribbon and then mounted onto blue striped wrapping paper, which I just tore in half. Added a couple of Zoomz and some golfing embellishments from m.i.y range from Paper Cellar and added the little 'Have a Great Day' stamp in the corner. Generally, I don't like making cards for men, but I think I like this one. Maybe because it has that cheeky little hedgehog in the middle. I love this wrapping paper too. Had no intention on wrapping anything with it when I bought it, just knew it would be fab on cards as it has that lovely little strip of silver running through it. Who needs peel offs???


Sarn loves choc said...

TEE (get it?) hee hee!

I like this card too. Only thing I'd change (cuz I'm FUSSY) is I'd add ONE EXTRA zoomz to the card.

This is because (as in the rules of flower arranging) it's apparently more pleasing on the eye when things are used in ODD numbers. So you can have 1 or 3 of something but not just 2! Told you I was being FUSSY!

Fae said...

I have got three zoomz on the card hon there is one underneath the image. Or did you mean you wanted me to add another to the two at the top???

Don't mind you being fussy hon, I like people looking at my work critically as my family always just say 'Oh it's lovely' or 'Isn't it nice' they never give me any critism. Let me know about the Zoomz as I want to get it right.

julie.ja.gibb said...

Your Dad always says that Sarn, but I want to know what are zoomz?

Sarn loves choc said...

Fae - I meant the 2 zoomz at the top of the card need another 1 to balance. Sorry - I hadn't noticed the one by the golf clubs!

Stepmummy - Zoomz are the coloured baubles Fae stuck on her card (Stamping Caz is also a big fan of them!)

Fae said...

Hi Julie, nice of you to pop in again. Sarn, I added another Zoomz to the card as you mentioned, and you're right, it does look more appealing. Thanks hon xxx