Friday, February 15, 2008

S is for Suzy...

S is for Suzy... Don't know if Suzy is sister to Hannah but I was asked to make two 18th birthday cards. One for a girl who liked to shop and another for a girl into beauty products. Don't know if you can see but the boxes say, ' Beauty...Lipstick...Powder and Cosmetics.' I think they'll like them (I do)!

Cut out the letters by hand and matched them to the background card used to mount the stamped image. Cardstock is black and so is the flower. The funky ribbon was bought on the internet and the brads were purchased at AP.

Stamped image is a Bella. Don't know which one as friend stamped a load and posted them to me.


Fae said...

I take it from the lack of comments that no-one likes this card??? Is it because it's too dark? I wanted to do something else from the usual pink, yellow, orange and blue cards, I thought it worked quite well? Any comments will be greatly appreciated, even if you DON'T like it. Kisses, Fae x

Anonymous said...

It is a little dark in the background for me, but I do like the stamped image. I know what you mean about trying summat different colourwise, its very easy to always put colours together that please the makers eye!!! For example, most of mine are lilac based!!! Your designs still 'ROCK' Fae!!

Fae said...

Ah thanks Shaz, I thought it might have been a bit on the dark side which is why I added so much silver and colour in other ways. It actually looked okay in the flesh, but I think the photograph makes it look darker than it actually is.

Anonymous said...

This is the trouble with not seeing cards in the's don't always do the card justice!