Monday, February 11, 2008

Archive 2006

I found this picture amongst others from my files from 2006! I was reading Caz's blog earlier and she was saying that some people have a strong dislike for the colour ORANGE. I have had experience of this in the past before where I have made orange cards and then been told that the recipient hates orange. This was made using a Whipper Snapper stamp and I love it so much. The orange and blue work so well together and I just think it's a lovely bright, cheerful card. ORANGE rocks!


Anonymous said...

I thought that I had just left a comment on here for this orange card, but it doesn't appear to have registered....methinks I am doing summat wrong! Anyway this is a great vibrant card that is suitable for many it

Fae said...

thanks shaz, obviously orange doesn't bother you either...?

Anonymous said...

Not in the slightest, I think the card is very cheering!!!

Stampingcaz said...

I love it :) lovely and orange!!