Thursday, March 06, 2008

I blame Sarn...

It's all her fault!!!! The other night, Sarn and I were chatting away on Skype, as you do, and we got onto the subject of Guns 'n' Roses and Whitesnake etc etc etc. Anyway, after discovering that we both have a passion for Axl, Slash and Dave and after Sarn nearly cut off her leg (shaving while head-banging - not a good idea) and I fell off my stool a few times at the computer, we both went to work the following day with splitting headaches, (and not a drop of alcohol involved) a few extra bruises and WHITESNAKE blaring through the mediocre speakers that car manufacturers feel fit to dump on us. Anyway, I can now listen to nothing else and I think I have upset the builders at the end of the road because they keep telling me to turn the music down. Except... this afternoon. Coming home from work, I drove past them and they shouted out, "Oi, Rock Chick, turn it up" and everyone who happened to be around at the time (it was lunchtime and very busy), turned to look at me! My car is deep red and I think for the first time ever (except for when I dyed my hair red) I must've colour co-ordinated with my car because all the builders started laughing. So I thought... knickers! and I cranked the volume right up and started singing at the top of my lungs... wait till tomorrow morning. I have a little surprise for them! The pics for you Sarn... sweet dreams!


Sarn loves choc said...

Thanks for the pic hon. Have stitched leg back on now and am healing nicely.

I agree about mediocre car speakers - they are just NOT up to the task - spesh in a KA where there's only ONE speaker by the foot of both doors!

Have a good day ROCK CHICK x

Fae said...

Didn't manage to get the builders this morning as I was running late but they were laughing at me again as this time I was putting my make up on while headbanging (smudged lipstick, not a good look). Anyway, I'm gonna have a long hard think about it over the weekend and get them on Monday. Any suggestions, greatly appreciated.

Glad your leg's better Sarn, ROFL!!!