Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Well, this morning I was woken up with a lovely mug of tea and a bowl of Rice Crispies. Bless xxx Lianne and Lewis had both bought (I'll forgive them) huge Mother's Day cards for me and I got some lovely lavender bags for my underwear drawer and wardrobe. We then all went to take Lewis swimming and then watched a rather one-sided game of football on the way back. Poor Lewis was not feeling very well though so we didn't stay to watch the end. Even though it was lovely sunshine again, it was very windy and I think it was giving him 'brain-freeze'.

We then took a detour to Asda's on the way home and bought some rather lovely flowers for my mum and my nan. When we got home, Steve had been out and also bought some flowers. One bunch from Lewis, one from Lianne and one from HIM. So I have a beautiful smelling home of fresh flowers. How lovely!!!

We then drove to my mum's and because she wasn't expecting Steve to have bought me anything, she had bought (on behalf of the children of course) a lovely make-up set for me, which I have been experimenting with since getting home.

Poor Lewis is lying down in his bed with a raging temperature and not feeling like his usual self at all unfortunately. I think there'll be one little man missing from his class tomorrow. Poor thing! We'll see how he gets on with the Calpol and and early night but I can't see it getting any better before morning. Bless! Hope he gets better soon, I hate it when my children are poorly and there's not much more I can do for them other than a 'cuggle'. Get well soon baby! Love you xxx



Sarn loves choc said...

Ooh - like the new look blog! Wasn't sure about the other day's one!

Sounds like you've had a nice Mummy's Day (apart from Lewis not being well) Hope Lewis is gets well soon.

Fae said...

wasn't sure if it might've been too dark, but it's growing on me and seems to show up the cards quite well... thanks for comments re lewis, i'm sure he just needs to sweat it out in bed and get a good nights sleep.