Tuesday, March 04, 2008

PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

Well, I've just posted three letters, each stating that I would like to add Lianne to the Schools' Continued Interest list and when I got home I had already received a letter from Lianne's second choice school to state that she was number 41 on their list!! So that's all good!

I am keeping a positive mental attitude to this whole thing and hopefully (as Sarn knows) my belief in fate will come through and if she does get a place at any of her three choices then that's just because FATE has stepped in and she's actually MEANT to go to the school they've allocated her to and that she will probably excel there just as well if not better. I KNOW that this will all end up the way it's meant to be and hopefully she'll be happy.

She went to school this morning with the idea that she was okay with the Admissions decision and therefore she would try and help her friends (who aren't as accepting or happy) to try to come to terms with their emotions and to try and think positively about all the movement that's going to happen between now and September. Ain't she great???


Anonymous said...

She's a TRUE star!!! Lets hope this PMA works...I too am a great believer in fate!! Sending you positive vibes!!!

Sarn loves choc said...

Ooh - I'm sending positive vibes your way too hon.

Lianne is a credit to you and I know from personal experience how great she is.

Fae said...

Thanks guys...