Monday, January 14, 2008

Inspiration Jar...

Ever found yourself stuck for inspiration? Why don't you do what myself and Sarn did... make yourself an 'Inpiration Jar'.
  1. Grab a large jar or tin. I used an empty SLIMFAST tin as it came with a lid and was large enough and perfect for the contents I had in mind.
  2. Decorate the jar with pretty papers, ribbons, buttons, add a few embellishments like flowers or jemstones, or stamp plain paper and colour in yourself.
  3. Decorate the lid to match or discard the lid if you prefer.
  4. Make some pretty cards or papers and write different things on them, for example; make a card with the last stamp you bought...make a card using your favourite Penny Black stamp...make a card using a stamp you haven't used for ages...make a card using watercolours...make a card using embossing powders etc. The list is endless.

When you're next stuck for an idea...pull out one of your decorated cards, read what you've written and make a card following that.

Et Voila!


Sarn loves choc said...

Inspiration jars are GRRRREAT (and very useful. Everyone should have one! Will be interested to see your NEW version if you make one.

Fae said...

H fave sis, I'm definitely going to make a new one (eventually), mine is starting to look a bit grubby now as I use it so often when I'm lacking inspiration. I'm so glad we made ours together though. How did you get on with the brayered flower? I never saw the finished result?