Saturday, May 15, 2010

Birthday Presents

Just wanted to share with you all some of the pictures of my lovely birthday treats that I received.  The first picture is the bouquet that Steve (my lovely hubby) bought me home from work.  He bought them in London and drove home with them in the Ambulance (no he wasn't a patient, he was driving it) Bless!

The cake was a present from some colleagues at work (Kathy and Sharon), thanks girls it was deeee-licious! Marks and Spencers at it's finest! Absolutely lovely, not even a crumb was left to be eaten.

And the other bouquet was from my good friend, Antonina.  She even made me a birthday card herself to go with the flowers.  The roses and orchids were from Antonina but I have also included the tulips that Kathy and Sharon bought for me with the cake. Aren't I a lucky girl.?

I'm off out for dinner tonight somewhere. Don't know where yet but I'm sure it'll be lovely. I haven't eaten a thing all day so that I have plenty of room for pudding too. Yummy

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