Monday, May 24, 2010

NOT a card...

Recipe is as follows:
  • One candle (a white or cream one is better)
  • One rubber stamp
  • Suitable ink (I used Stayzon)
  • One small piece of Tissue Paper (preferably the same colour as your candle)
  • One piece of Greaseproof paper, no taller than your candle but enough to go all the way around, and then some, as you will need enough to grip tightly in your hand when heating commences.
  • Colouring medium (pens or pencils are better but check on small area before colouring image)
  • Heat gun
First of all make sure that the stamped image will be no bigger than the height of your candle once stamped.  Then stamp the image onto the tissue paper, I could only find baby white anywhere! But I think I got away with it??? (you might want to stamp it a couple of times just in case you make a mistake) and colour it in (I used ProMarkers).  Once the image has been stamped and you have finished colouring it in, carefully cut around the image, leaving only a very small border around the outside.  When the image is completely cut out place it onto the candle.

Take your greaseproof paper and place it carefully over the top of the image being careful not to move it and then pull the greaseproof paper taut over the image.  Gripping the paper tightly around the candle, switch on your heat gun and let it warm up a little, then run it over the top of the image for just long enough so that the image melts into the candle (take care not to hold the heat gun in one place for too long as this will distort the candle. We just want to melt it slightly so that the tissue paper melts into the surface.  Carefully remove the greaseproof paper and voila... you're done.

In true Blue Peter's one I made earlier...  I then wrapped it in some florist's cellophane and added a pretty bow (see photograph).  The perfect handmade gift for my friend Claire, who celebrated her birthday today and has very kindly volunteered to accompany me to the hospital tomorrow so I don't have to be alone (Steve has to work).

Hope you had a lovely day Claire.  See you in the morning...

Thanks for stopping by, Fae xxx


Sarn loves choc said...

Ooh that's just gorgeous!

Clare said...

Wow it's fantastic!!!

Fae said...

Thanks girls, glad you like it. Claire seemed realy pleased with it...

Thanks for stopping by
Fae xxx