Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Faerie Fae

It is my mother's birthday tomorrow and my dad called to ask me if I would make him one of my 'special' cards. I thought they were all special personally, but apparently, it has to be really special.

Last night, I was having a browse around Tiddly Inks and various other websites and this little fairy caught my eye, and guess what??? She's called Fae. Well that was it, I had to buy her and she's really cute too. So I started colouring her in this morning when I got up and have just finished. I can't put her on a card yet as the glitter is still wet but I thought I would give you a little sneaky peaky at her before I added her as I think she is just too cute for words.

P.S. Sarn, just to let you know, I got to page 110 of 'Midnight Sun' last night and eventually told myself it was time to sleep at 1.30am. I didn't want to sleep as I wanted to finish reading it but my eyes were too heavy. I love it... thanks for letting me know. Will no doubt finish it all this evening...then what will I do????

Thanks for dropping by on this beautiful sunny day.
Hugs, Fae xxx


little amanda 7609 said...

How appropriate and I can't wait to see your finished card :)

Shazziee said...

Lovely image, I adore anything glittery, so this is fab...and with regards to finishing the book, get another one ready!! lol...xxxx

Sandra said...

Lovely card Fae. Ha ha . . . if I'd read your blog first I wouldn't have needed to text you and ask if you'd started Midnight Sun!!!! D'OH! Glad you are enjoying it.

Shazzieee . . . you don't understand hon . . . the story leaves you crying out for MORE of Edward's thoughts . . . unless it's another Stephenie Meyer book . . . Fae won't WANT another book straight away!

Fae said...

Sarn has hit the nail RIGHT on the head. It has to be Stephenie Meyer and it has to involve Edward and Bella else I'm not reading another book ever...ever...[stomping feet]...EVER!!!! LOL xxx

Shazzieee, pleeeeeease tell you have read the Twilight books and therefore understand totally what we are talking about???