Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Post-Hysterectomy Waffle

Hi guys and girls. Well it's been six days since my operation and although I went in on Wednesday and came home on Friday the pain is really still no better today.

During the keyhole operation they must have filled my stomach so full of gas to enlarge the area that when they microstitched me back up again, most of it was still in there and now it feels as though I have boulders in my stomach. Boulders that keep moving into each other and crashing about inside. Which is NOT okay if you cannot expel the gas naturally (ahem, I think you know what I mean???).

Anyway, friends and family have recommended laying on my left side with my knees up (can't do that...not allowed), drinking hot water from a kettle (obviously cool enough to drink but still hot - didn't work), walking up and down in the garden (didn't work either, too painful to walk too far), sucking peppermints (if I see another polo mint I'm gonna scream!) etc.

So, here is my question for the day... has anyone out there in blog land got any ideas that could help me? I know that some of you ladies must have had some kind of operative procedure in the past and, if anyone has experienced what I am now currently experiencing and knows of a way or something to buy that might help, I would VERY much appreciate it, just so that I can start to feel comfortable and normal again. PLEASE???

And if anyone fancies getting me a packet of MAYFAIR SMOOTH cigarettes in the meantime, that too would be VERY helpful as I can't ask Steve buy them for me, as he thinks I have given up! Which I intend to do once he has - he is the one with half a lung missing after all, so it's a good fib!  But of course, now that I NEED to have a cigarette, it's the one thing I cannot ask him to get for me because he thinks I no longer need them, knew it would turn around and bite me on the arse somehow... eventually!!!


mckinkle said...

aww sorry to hear of the pains you're suffering as a result of the gas, it is an awful side effect of this new style of surgery. It seems it's swings and roundabouts doesnt it!

I remember having it years ago but it did dissipate in a matter of days so hopefully you are over the worse now.

oh please dont smoke right now! Its just the 'devil' on your shoulder telling you that you 'need' it but youve done so well to have stopped. It would be so easy for you to start again now but it wont assist your healing!

Good luck with that fag ash devil! Wishing you a very recovery Fae.

Keryn x

Sandra said...

You narna! I was gonna send chocolate . . . but am now reconsidering!

WHAT AM I SAYING!!!??? There's NO WAY I'm encouraging you to smoke you NAUGHTY GIRL!

Sorry, can't help with the gas problem really, but isn't there something available to dissipate wind?

Fae said...

Steve went to the chemist this morning and discussed my 'problem' with her and told her what operation I had just endured and she gave him Buscopan Cramps, which although i can't see how that describes my symptons, I have taken and they should hopefully take effect soon. Not smoking girls...don't panic. Chocolate sounds good though Sarn... yummy!!!

little amanda 7609 said...

Soda water works for me or tonic water

Ann Flowers said...

I just recently discovered your blog and am so glad I did. What a sweet post!

Rosette said...

Oh I just know how you feel Fae! I did the op four years ago, and that was the most terrible pain ever!! More than the post-op pain itself. I had tears running down my face for two whole days as I didn't want to scream with pain. Having warm drinks or soups/broth helps.. otherwise you just have to wait hu. That's terrible, I know. But eventually It WILL pass. xx

Fae said...

Thanks for your comments girls. I am actually feeling a lot better now. Uncomfortable still but not really in pain. I think all that chocolate that Sarn sent me had something to do with it (and of course, the post-op e-retail therapy ha ha ha lol).

Hugs, Fae xxx