Monday, August 09, 2010

No Cards today...

Hello fellow bloggers.

I am bored today. I am in too much pain to be bothered with anything other than watching DVDs and I am having a bit of a 'down' day today too.  Feeling very sorry for myself and the painkillers don't appear to be doing much either.  Have to go back for my six week follow up on the 21st September and I am worried that I may have already done too much to hamper my recovery.

At one point I felt that I was well on the road to recovery but now I feel about 100x worse. Perhaps a good rest is all I need really and lots of sleep. People keep telling me that I should be sleeping a lot more than I am so I'm going to have a little nap in the hope that it will make me feel better.

Catch you later blogger-peeps.
Fae xxx


mckinkle said...

Well hopefully Fae this is just one of those down days and tomorrow will see you feeling a lot brighter!

Wishing you well!

Keryn x

Fae said...

Thanks Keryn. I did manage to make a card after all. Lianne, my daughter, set the kitchen table up for me with all my 'essentials' and I sat down to make a card (I usually prefer to stand up but I was ordered to sit down) and I came up with what is now referred to as my 'card of the month'. Ha ha ha

Lol Fae xxx

little amanda 7609 said...

you'll sleep if you want to! I know I would be bored stupid if I couldn't do anything, I have ME and I'm shattered all the time but if I slept all the time what time would I have left in the day. Maybe just laying down and closing your eyes for maybe 1/2 hour is what you need. Probably you feel worse as its hitting you now and your body is screaming .......argh!!!!! what you done. Feel better soon anyway