Friday, August 06, 2010

More waffle from my sick bed

Oh my... I have to get back on my feet soon. All I have to do all day, every day is trawl the internet for ideas and inspiration and I have just spent more money than I should have at on lots of new goodies to keep me occupied over the coming weeks... I am a very naughty girl and it's all Sandra's fault! 

She sent me a beautiful 'chocolatey' card in the post (along with a really scrummy bar of Galaxy chocolate, which I ate all to myself) and I just had to text her to thank her and find out where she purchased the lovely chocolatey message on the front! She text me back and told me it was from Craftwork Cards. Big mistake! I immediately went onto their website and although it would appear that they no longer have the 'chocolate' themed messages, they have all sorts of other lovely goodies, which of course I couldn't just leave there!!! That would be madness! So I got out my trusty debit card, blew off the cobwebs (I wish) and placed a rather large order, which wasn't actually THAT much money but I qualified for a FREE GOLD MEMBERSHIP!!! That really sounds bad now, I know. But, you tell me, how is a girl, who has just had a major operation supposed to recover when there is nothing coming in through the letterbox except get well cards and bills??? Don't get me wrong, the get well cards are all lovely and each and every one of them make me smile when I open them, and although they sit on the shelve, and continue to make me smile, they don't give me that Christmas morning buzz, so I did a little retail therapy on the net!

I am feeling guilty, but I can't wait to see what comes through the post in the next few days (even though I know what it is because I ordered it).

Love you all and thanks again for all the lovely cards and messages.
Visit again soon to see what my new goodies inspire me to create. I have about a million images here that I have coloured in since the operation (as I am still not allowed to use my craft knife to start making cards) and I can't wait to get started. Maybe I'll try something gentle on Monday?????

I still find it hard to comprehend that almost EVERY movement the body makes involves using stomach muscles. Even cutting a little piece of cheese the other day hurt my stomach. How can that be... if every movement involves using stomach muscles, shouldn't I have a six pack by now?????

Waffle over for now, but please come again soon and I will definitely have something worthy of your attention. I want to start creating cards again... I'M SO BORED!!!!!

Love always, Fae xx


Sandra said...

Hand over your plastic . . . and then I can't be blamed for any more of your impulse buying can I? LOL! Glad you enjoyed the Galaxy!

Fae said...

Gladly. I'll pop it in the post and you can keep it for me until the end of the month! ha ha ha xxx

Second thoughts I'll need it for shopping etc. Steve uses my card for the shopping as that is one of the bills I pay for. Gonna put it in my lock box now and give Steve the key. Yes, I think that's the best course of action for now. At least until September anyway xxx

Fae said...

I have to say though... I still can't wait for my goodies to arrive and I'M NOT LOOKING ON ANYMORE WEBSITES!!!

mckinkle said...

Your retail therapy sounds like the perfect post op therapy to me!

Just think if they send it in separate packages it will maximise your excitement when they arrive!

Enjoy your postmans visits!!

Keryn x

Rosette said...

I hope you will be better Fae, I'm sure you will find the new goodies very worthwhile when they arrive.. retail therapy is an awesome post-op treatment :)

Anonymous said...

Retail therapy is the ONLY way to a speedy recovery Fae...I really hope you are not in too much pain after your should make you feel a lot better in the long run though!...Love and hugs

Cherie said...

Hi Fae, so pleased to hear you're getting better. Chocolate and craft what a great combo love it!!
looking forward to your creations,
Take care,
Hugs cherie

Fae said...

Ahhhh girls thank you so much for all of your lovely well wishes and messages. You're all so kind.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit me. It means a lot.

See you all soon.
Hugs, Fae xxx

little amanda 7609 said...

You have been busy!! Hmm you'd think we'd all have six packs if we use stomach muscles for everything!!

Take care, and loved the coloured images!!