Friday, January 07, 2011

With Sympathy

Hi, thanks for stopping by and visiting me again today.

A friend, Jane, in my office, lost her Brother-in-Law at the beginning of this week. The news of his death was a big shock as he seemed fine over the Christmas and New Year period, and to make matters worse, he died on the 1 year Anniversary of their father's death!!!

So I made a little card from myself and the other staff in my office to give her, so that she would know that we were thinking of her and her family at this sad time. 

Also, Wendy, also from my office, has had to go to Great Yarmouth, as her mother took ill on Thursday morning and got the call to go up there to be with her. She has been ill for a while and has been in hospital on a number of occasions during the past year, but fortunately, has pulled through and recovered each time. We are thinking of you Wendy and wish your mother a speedy recovery and hope that she will be back home soon.

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs, Fae xxx


Ms. Jen said...

Beautiful card hon! I'll say a prayer for both of your friends. That is so sad. This card will be a happy spot for them in this hard time.

Shelley said...

Fae, that is such a pretty card. Is it a stamp or digi? I think I seen it on another blog the other day and loved it. I'll pray for your friends too. I just got home from my friends house, her mom is in her last stages too. It is so heartbreaking. Take care.

Fae said...

It's three stamps Shelley, from Lavinia Stamps. They're fabulous. Every yearin September, we have a huge craft show at Alexandra Palace in London and I usually buy one or two of Lavinia Stamps while I am there. They're all gorgeous and these three came as a set so I had to buy them. I tend to use them for Sympathy / Bereavement cards as they are simple enough to just add a little something to say 'I am sorry for your loss'. Glad you both like the card.
Hugs, Fae xxx

Paula Gale said...

AAwww Fae- what a lovely card - for a really sad occasion. Words don't come very easily at times like that - poor lady and her family.

Hope you are keeping well - not heard from you in a while.

sending hugs

Paula x xx