Monday, September 06, 2010

What was I saying yesterday about...

best laid plans and all that???

Got the kids up bright and early this morning. Breakfast, wash, brushing of teeth, getting dressed in smart new school clothes and into the car... da de da de dah!

Dropped Lianne off at school at 8am (her school starts at 8.15am) and then drove Lewis to his school. Got to our usual parking space in plenty of time and sat in the car for fourty-five minutes just around the corner from the gates. At 8.50am we decided it was time to walk around and then I suddenly thought to myself, 'where are all the children and all the parked cars?' Doh! No... doh is not enough but I can't put into words how idiotic I felt at that moment in time... the school gates were locked! It's an INSET DAY! Not only did they not go in Thursday and Friday last week due to Inset Days but the teachers have decided to have today aswell.

What a numbty! I told you I would end up with an expression the same as the robots, only I didn't expect it to be through my own stupidity!

Enjoy your day, whatever it brings you ;o)
Hugs, Fae xxx


Sandra said...

Well, if it's ANY consolation . . .you DID make me laugh about this!

Fae said...

I was cracking up in the car! Lewis couldn't even talk he was laughing so hard! Then he turned and said to me 'it could only happen to you mum!' that made me laugh even more BECAUSE HE'S RIGHT! His mother is a muppet!

mckinkle said...

oh what a laugh! Its lovely that youve got kids who have such a great sense of humour too! I bet he cant wait to tell him mates tomorrow!!

Keryn x

Wishcraft said...

Ok, I have to admit it - I've done this too! That was last year... I was very careful to get the day right this year lol! Lisa x