Wednesday, September 01, 2010

New Mythical Beasts

To relieve some of the boredom in our household today, I decided to challenge the children to create a new mythical creature.

Lewis gave up after two minutes and drew his dad instead (well...he is sort of a mythical creature) and Lianne refused to allow me to photograph hers, so I thought I would share my new mythical creature with you all instead.  I have decided to call it a 'Droggone' - part dragon, part dog!

I have only sketched it in pencil so I apologise if the photograph isn't as clear as it could be, but the children liked it and Lewis wants to put it on his bedroom wall.

Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Fae xxx


little amanda 7609 said...

You should be drawing your own digi stamps! Wonderful

Fae said...

Awwww thanks Amanda. What a lovely thing to say. I may have a go but there are so many really good digi stamp artists out there, I am not sure I would even be half way as good.

We shall see... watch this space, but I can't promise you anything? I'll make the first one for you. Did you have any suggestions?

Hugs, Fae xxx

Paula Gale said...

wow Fae - you clever artistic talented person... this is fab... i can only do stick people.

If you did this as a digi (not sure how you would do it - maybe Christy Croll from Tiddly Inks could help, but if you turned it into a digi and got it registered by the Free Digi's blog - it would increase the visitors to your site and someone would recognise your talent while visiting... you should look at doing more like this - would love to see a unicorn or something with feathery wings - i'm not familiar with any website that does mythical creatures and i'm sure there's a market for them... you should think about it and potentially make some income from your talent by selling your digis.

Paula x x x