Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Memory Lane

Ha ha ha what fun.

Keryn at Poppy Dog Blogspot is challenging people to post their 'old' photos. So I thought I would get in on that one too. 

Here's me as a little nipper. My grandparents used to live in a big block of flats at Deptford in London and I used to love playing in the play area downstairs at the base. She lived on the seventeenth floor and the lift was ALWAYS breaking down or being vandalised. So glad she lives in Watford, just around the corner from me, now.

This photograph was of me c1980, when I was still at school. I was totally crazy about Gary Kemp in Spandau Ballet and was convinced that one day I would marry him. Now he's a client of my dad's and I keep badgering my dad to get me his autograph... but he won't!

This last photograph is of me with one of the actors from The Bill. He played the character PC Reg Hollis. My dad's friend contacted him to ask if the film crew could 'borrow' one of my dad's Dobermann Pinchers for the day, so I took along Digger (RIP). We had a great day and Digger had his fifteen minutes of fame! And, it was one of my favourite episodes (I wonder why???)

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs, Fae xxx


little amanda 7609 said...

Fae, I've met Gary Kemp.....**runs and hides**, got hundreds of photos of him, though I liked Steve Norman the best......never had my pic taken with him but he waved at me from the stage once.

Fae said...

Oh my Amanda, I am sooooooo jealous. My dad does loads of jobs for him as he lives not too far from my dad but he will never ask for an autograph for me. I have a cheque of his that I refused to let my dad cash (I gave him the money to the value of the cheque) and that's as far as it goes. My dad says 'hmm he's just another man, same as any other man, I'm not asking for his bloody autograph!' IS HE MADDDDDDD! He's just soooooo gorgeous. I have a thing about Tommy Lee Jones and Ed Harris too.... hmmmmmmmmm xxxxxx Sweet dreams x

Sandra said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . . . am laughing at your 80s pic (as I reminisce) . . . and cooing at your baby pic (bless) you were a little sweeetie (what happened? LOL!) xxxx

Paula Gale said...

LOL - this post is so funny - I didn't realise you were a visitor to Keryns blog. I was there earlier catching up with her posts and thought the idea of putting old photos on is such a crazy fun idea. I never look the same two months on the trot. I'll have to dig my school photos out too. In 1980 I was still in the Junior school - I didn't go up to the seniors until 1982.

How cool that your dad 'lent' a DP to the crew of The Bill - one of my fave shows that finished a cpl weeks ago or so. WHY oh WHY oh WHY!!!

Great photos and memories...

Paula x x x

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