Sunday, October 18, 2009

Forever Sparkly

Loving these papers that were purchased from AP. Added some glitter to the outline of the flowers just to create a little bit more sparkle. Added some more glitter to the champagne bubbles and coloured in the FF bear with my new Copics.

I love my Copic pens but have to say that although I have kept them flat, rather than standing up, as instructed, they still seem to be running out a lot quicker than my ProMarkers have. Either that or I am using my brown and grey a lot more than usual. Which seems a bit unlikely as I have used them no more than I have my ProMarkers...???


Sarn loves choc said...

That's interesting about the Copics! Have to see if it happens to any of your other Copic colours?

Lovely card though!

Fae said...

Yes, I'm a bit miffed about that as I have stored them correctly and I KNOW I haven't used the brown and grey any more than I would have used my cinnamon ProMarker on my Forever Friends cards as I know very well that I used it loads and have had it longer than I have had any of my Copics. I'm definitely waiting to see if any of the others run out as quick... watch this space. Promarkers v Copics. If it does turn out that I am going to be replacing them on a more regular basis, I'll just still with my ProMarkers.