Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bella and Bronte

Here's Bella and Bronte again, this time coloured in a completely red theme. Again, the card is for Sarah's nineteenth birthday, but this one has COUSIN on it as Lianne and Lewis wanted to give this card to Sarah.

I decoupaged Bronte and Bella's arm, body and head and her boot. I added some red ribbon for texture and highlighted certain parts of the background paper by adding glitter.

I think Bella looks good in red and I just love Bronte as s/he reminds me of my dog Ali. Although we rescued her from a dog rescue centre just a few months ago, after she had already been there for twelve months. It turns out that we will only have her for a short period of time as she has a tumour growing in her stomach. She stopped eating for a while and got very, very skinny so we took her to the vet, who gave her a steroid to help her gain her appetite back. Unfortunately, now that she is eating, and eating well, she is also feeding her tumour, which has grown considerably in the past week or two, which means that her time here with us is borrowed and therefore, we won't have her for very much longer. Which is sad, but I am grateful that she is with us, with a loving family, surrounded by people who love her, instead of her dying in the kennel that she had called home for twelve months. Although she was well cared for there by the workers and the volunteers, I still wouldn't swap the past six months for anything. We love you Ali xxx

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