Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tattoo No. 3

I know some people are not big fans of tattoo's but personally I can't see anything wrong with them. It's an individuals way of expressing their personality and individuality.

Occasionally, I have been known to design tattoo's for friends and friends of friends (through word of mouth) and I really enjoy doing this as it also gives me the chance to show off my creative skills and my own individuality too. It's especially appealing to see my one off, original artwork on someone else's body. I have two tattoo's of which were both my designs and over the last couple of weeks, through careful thought and consideration I have decided to get another tattoo, my third. This one will be in the lower part of my back, just on my waistline. I spent a long time last night, designing this to get every little aspect of it just right and this is what I came up with.

The triangle represents Lianne, Lewis and myself. The heart represents our unity, the fact that me and my children will always have a connection which is why the heart goes through the triangle and the wings represent my protection of them.

I always get my tattoo's done by Andy at Pointed Image, and I recommend everyone who asks me to design something for them to go and see him. He's brilliant at taking a piece of artwork and transforming it into something fantastic! He's brilliant at shading as well, which is, as far as I'm concerned quite difficult to do without a pencil, ha ha ha! Anyway, Andy has kindly agreed to do this for me... watch this space. I'll get Lianne to photograph it once it's done.

I'd love to know your thoughts... What do you think?


Sarn loves choc said...

I think you're VERY BRAVE!

Fae said...

Nothing to it... bit of scratchy (argh) pain and then a bit of a burning (arghhh) sensation, but apart from that, it's a piece of cake!