Saturday, August 02, 2008

Pink Champagne Anyone...?

Well, here's the Penny Black stamp that I 'copied' the champagne bottle from for the Ruby Anniversary card, in a blog message posted previously. The theme for this card was Black and Pink which is why I made the bottle full of pink champagne instead of the usual variety, not that I drink much of either... blurgh! Give me an ice cold bottle of beer any day. See... I'm a cheap date ha ha ha!

The 'starry' background card came from the gemstone stickers I bought from Poundland (throw nothing away guys, it'll all come in handy one day) and then I mounted the cat image onto two different shades of pink cardstock and then mounted the whole thing onto darker pink cardstock. I then added some pink flowers and gemstones to finish it off. Although six in total, I think it's still appealing in flower groups of three.


Sarn loves choc said...

Makes a lovely change. I really like the pink and black combo x

Fae said...

Thanks honey.
Go on Skype, I miss you xxx

Yvonne said...

This is one Penny Black image I need to get to make a card for my daughter's 18th - it's a gorgeous card Fae xx

Fae said...

If you email me your address Yvonne, I'll post you some... then you can decoupage them. It'll make a fabulous card.

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