Tuesday, August 19, 2008

'Bobbie' the Builder

Whilst in Norfolk, I was fortunate enough to come across a lovely local Craft Fair. While looking around inside at the various local craft stalls, quilts, cushion covers, jewellery etc, I came across a lady from the Netherlands called Marij Rahder. She was really lovely and very helpful. She had some fabulous decoupage sheets, so many in fact that I couldn't decide which ones I wanted and ended up spending a small fortune. Anyway, I really loved the various designs she had from cute to traditional and they were VERY reasonably priced, so I said I would mention her on my blog: then just click on the Union Jack for English translation. It's definitely worth a look. I also have her mobile number if you wish to speak to someone personally. She's happy to take your order by phone if you don't like ordering on the net. Just email me at for details if you prefer. Below is a close up of the image, although not very focused, but you can at least see the various layers.

She also has a wide selection of Pandora style bead's and charms in a beautiful collection of colours and styles. I purchased a really lovely bracelet from her and you can buy the beads individually to add to the bracelet so that you can colour co-ordinate with a favourite outfit.

I hope you enjoy looking at her website, as I said she was ever so helpful and a had such a vast selection to choose from. Enjoy.


Sarn loves choc said...

OOOH great . . . will definitely check out her website etc. Thanks for sharing Fae. xxxx

Julie said...

I love these images, great cards.