Saturday, August 02, 2008

Farewell Mr Ryder

This is a card I made for Lianne's teacher of Year 6, Mr Ryder. He was one of her favourite teachers and travels a lot during the school holidays to far and distant countries, hence the Indiana 'Ryder' theme. We wanted to put a picture of 'his' face on Indie's shoulders but sadly didn't have time and couldn't find a decent photograph of him despite enquiring at the school office if they had a school photograph of him. Never mind. He loved the card and has blown it up to A4 and laminated it for his classroom wall.


Sarn loves choc said...

You're soooo good at personalising cards. Brilliant!

Fae said...

Thanks again. I do like making my cards 'personal' that's for sure. i had great fun making this card too as Mr Ryder is such a great teacher and a really good friend. There wasn't a week went by without him sending Lianne home with a Country CD for me... Bless. I can't wait until Lewis gets his class (if he's still teaching then that is...)