Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lianne's Sports Presentation Evening 2010

Just a few more days and my little girl will officially be a teenager!!! OMG!!! She has all the teenage attitude now and is a handful but she has blossomed into a beautiful young lady (just wish she would show it more towards her family, especially her brother).

She went off to her Sports Presentation Evening last night with her friends and they were all dressed up like it was THE social event of the year and all looked amazing, as did all the girls (and lads) at Lianne's party recently. Thought I would share with you one of her photos, Lianne is in the black and white and her best friend Sam is in the blue dress. Don't they look grown up?

Thanks for dropping by and watching me making myself feel old. Come back soon.
Hugs, Fae xxx


Sandra said...

OMG . . Liane looks SOOO different with her hair like that . . .I hardly recognised her! Yep . . . she's growing up fast!

little amanda 7609 said...

They do look grown up