Saturday, July 10, 2010

13th birthday Party Blues

It's Lianne's 13th birthday party this evening and I haven't stopped all day, hairdressers for Lianne, barbers shop for Lewis. Pineapple chunks and cheese, cocktails sausages on sticks, quiche, sandwiches, seafood platters, dips, crisps, picked up the cake, picked up giant '1' and '3' helium balloons.... pause for breathe.... ironed steve's clothes, ironed my clothes and lewis', did two loads of washing AND cooked the chicken nuggets and chicken legs. Two more hours to go and I think I am done!!! PHEW

Now I need a nice long sleep. wake me up in the morning, it's too hot for partying!


Sandra said...

Hope you had a great party Lianne. Fae: Hope you have a peaceful day today! xxxx

Fae said...

Thanks hon, got up at TWELVE!!! Completely worn out and now I have to finish off the leavers' cards before tomorrow! Have FIVE A5 cards to make and TWO A3 cards. Hope I don't need any more sleep later as I'll be at it all night probably!

As far as Lianne goes, she had a great night. Most of her friends turned up although sadly, not all but she was pleased that the ones that did arrive made it special. family had a good time too. So we were all quids in!