Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another A3 card...

 Here's another of my A3 cards for one of my colleagues at work who is leaving to get married, new job AND is moving house over the next few months... blimey! Talk about don't do things by halves. Anyway, ALL of the lettering down the left hand side of the card was done by hand and the text at the bottom was done on the computer.  After outling the letters on the left I then colour co-ordinated the colours with the colours used on the image.  The image itself is hand drawn in a similar fashion to that which I used on my previous A4 card (sorry I keep calling them A3 cards, because I have used A3 cardstock and folded it I guess) and I have added flowers and buttons to finish it off.

Hope you like it, watch this space because there's gonna be more of them, all of which I have to get done BEFORE the 9th July!!!!! Hellllllllp me! No seriously... watch this space!#

Cheers, thanks for visiting
Hugs, Fae xxx