Sunday, June 06, 2010

A WARNING to all dog lovers

No-one told me, nobody warned me...

I have just finished watching the film HACHIKO A Dog's Story, about an Akita and his loyalty to his master (starring Richard Gere).  If you love animals, but especially dogs, and have lost one at some point in your lifetime then be warned before you watch this film... YOU WILL CRY BUCKETS!!!! So have plenty of tissues to hand, and I mean PLENTY.

This is such a sad tale and although I love to torture myself now and again by listening to sad songs and sad movies and having a real good blub, I really wasn't prepared for this. And to top it all's TRUE!!!  Apart from all that though, I would recommend this film to anyone, I really enjoyed the story and the relationship between dog and master. A truly heart breaking film but worth all the tears I have just shed a million times over. Definitely a keeper!!

Good luck dog lovers everywhere... you'll need it.
With all my heart, Fae xxx


mckinkle said...

Thanks for the nod on this one! It sounds like it might be another one like last years weepy dog film starring Jennifer Aniston! Yup, wept buckets too!

Keryn x

Fae said...

It's a hundred times better (and WORSE in the tear factor) than Marley & Me Keryn, be warned xxx

Christy/Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

I have avoided watching it for that exact reason. LOL I tear up at the commercial.....I don't think I could take an hour of it. :)

little amanda 7609 said...

I'll avoid that then! Those kinds of films as wonderous as they are will have me sobbing