Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Well... that's that!

We have completed all the forms for Lianne's top three secondary school's and got them sent off by the deadline. Bless her, the Saturday before last, she had to endure a 3 hours sports, physical test (as one of her choices of school specialises in Sport) and then the Saturday just gone this weekend, she had to complete a 3 hour academic test with Verbal Reasoning (don't ask) and Maths.

I'm really glad that it's all over now, but now we have the waiting game until March when she will (hopefully) be given a place at ONE of her chosen schools. If, IF, she is UNLUCKY and doesn't get any of her chosen three, we then have to go to an appeal process and wait on 'Continued Interest' lists. HELP!!! Please, Please, Please let her get one of her choices, else I know she'll just be heartbroken. More to the point, I think I MIGHT BE TOO! I cried like a baby when I dropped her off at Queens' School to do her academic test. Where has the time gone? It was only yesterday that she was my little fairy, running around the garden in her fairy wings singing like she hadn't a care in the world!!! Boo Hoo!

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Sarn loves choc said...

Ahhh, Lianne's ALWAYS gonna be your little fairy hon (she just doesn't realise it yet!)and will probably kill me for saying this in years to come! Tee hee!