Thursday, November 01, 2007


I've been really busy making cards the past couple of days and another two friends got in touch with me today to ask me to make some special cards for them as they have special birthday's coming up. Fortunately, it's for the same family so I just have to remember to not make them look too 'samey'. Still, at least it'll keep me busy (for a while at least).

Poor Steve has become a crafting widow - not that he wasn't already but seems to be even more so now. Lianne has been keeping me company in my craft room by helping me colour in and stick. She loves it and she's really clever at colouring in and shading etc. Hasn't quite mastered the watercolouring yet but we're working on it. She cuts all the tape for me etc and gets the little backing papers off of the little sticky pads for me. Us crafters can't be doing with such trivial things when we're creating dahling!!! Anyway, she's been a really big help the past couple of days. Think I'll treat her tomorrow or over the weekend by taking her to see "Stardust" as we both really want to see it. Popcorn and nachos here we come!!!! Yippeee!

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