Sunday, November 18, 2007

Poor me...

Hi Guys, I'm back! I have been really poorly this past week and a half. I've had a chest infection and a stinking cough, that feels like sandpaper being rubbed up and down the inside of my throat everytime I cough (which is often). Anyway, I haven't been making many cards while I've been laid up, been watching too many DVD's and daytime telly and eating too much chicken soup and chocolate (although not at the same time...ugh!)

Anyway, here's a few sampkles of what I've been up to this weekend... Hope you like???


Sarn loves choc said...

SOOOO glad to hear you're feeling better hon. My,you HAVE been busy. All gorgeous cards, as usual

Fae said...

Hi Hon. I made everything 'shimmer' using my Jellyroll pens, that you persuaded me to purchase at AP. Sooooooo glad I got them as they make all the difference. Glad you like my cards hon, yours are fab too [warm hug]. Love you xxx