Friday, July 13, 2012

Highclere Decoupage

I made this card a little while ago but Darren, my boss was so pleased with it, that I wanted to share it with you.

He had arranged to take his partner Jayne, to Highclere House (where Downton Abbey is filmed and located) for her Birthday, last month, as she is a big fan. So of course I had to make the card all about that.

I downloaded a picture of Highclere and printed it off three times. I then used the more prominent parts of the image to decoupage it. The picture doesn't really do it any justice but like I said, I had to share it with you as not only was Darren pleased with it, but I got a 'tip' too. How cool is that???

The inside of the card was the same image but very printed very feint and over the image was the itinerary for the day, which began with her breakfast, a wonderfully relaxing massage followed by the tour of the house and the gardens and then a lovely lunch. She's a very lucky lady. I'm sure that the only other thing that could have made her day more perfect would have been if Alexander Skarsgard had been doing the massage himself.

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