Friday, May 29, 2009

PS... Another Message

Not related to Tenerife, just incase anyone was interested as I have received a couple of texts since arriving here about it, but yes, Steve went back to the doctors yesterday and has been for more blood tests and some tests on his kidneys. He still has the blood infection although they are still not sure what that means exactly or what has caused it and they think he may be having a few problems with his kidneys, which could be a result of the operation??? or could be related to the Actiniomyces that he had. We´ll see and I will let you know more when I get home and find out more, but he is currently well and regaining his strength... fingers crossed, it stays that way.


Sarn loves choc said...

Blimey - I didn't know he'd suffered all that on top of the op! Poor fella!

Fae said...

he is, making a remarkable recovery just very, bery slow process. he'll get there eventually x