Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Postcard from Tenerife

Ola everybody, it´s me again, reporting from a very sunny Tenerife. Well... not so sunny at the moment as it is 10.45pm. Tomorrow is our last night here and so we are going to go out with Mum and Grandma to see a singing Elvis impersonator. We have been watching Britains Got Talent too, how sad are we all??? But hey, it´s gotta be done. I even managed to make a card here too with some lovely bits and bobs that I bought today, it was quite a spectacle as well, as everyone sat around the pool area watching me. Should´ve bought some more stuff, I could have charged them all for a crafting session, ha ha ha! It could only happen to me, I only went down to the pool for a swim and a bit fo a sunbathe and to have some quite crafting time.

We are going to attempt to go and see the volcano tomorrow, if it´s not too hot, which should be fun, not for mum and nan but me and the kids should get a kick out of it, apparently they are currently filming ´Clash of the Titans´there, yet another remake of a remake no doubt???

Got a bit burned today as I didn´t have any sunscreen on, but tan is progressing nicely, even if I am a little stiff tonight, never mind though eh? I personally couldn´t care less if I am a wrinkly old hag when I am in my 60´s, I look like one now ha ha ha xxx

Anyway, doubt if I will get a chance to send another e-postcard, so I´ll say goodnight to you all now and probably won´t get on here again until I return to good ol´sunny England. God I miss my cup of tea, by that, I mean a decent cup of tea. Only Lipton´s Lemon Tea out here, unless I am looking in all the wrong places, but what I have been drinking, apart from the odd alcoholic beverage that is, is definitely not Tetley´s.

Anyway, I´ll say by for now and thanks for your lovely messages to my previous postcard - yes, we are all having a great time, but can´t wait to get back home.

See you all soon, Adios Amigos xxx


Sarn loves choc said...

Ola - safe journey home xxx

simon said...

glad you had a good time