Thursday, March 28, 2013

Letraset AquaMarker x 12 (Set 1 & 2)

Hello fellow crafters

Thank you for your enquiries

Just been looking through my stash and I have these that I got for Christmas and I have never used them and sadly, have no desire to use them either. I just wondered (before I put them on eBay) if anyone 'crafty' wanted them???

Set 1

 Set 2

The RRP on Letraset's webpage (where my mother bought them) is £24.65 each.  So, I was thinking of asking for £22 each plus £2.00 p&p or £42.00 for both (free p&p).  They are brand new, I have literally only used them to draw a small line, in order to test them and make sure they are all working for the purpose of selling them. I would hate for me to sell them, as brand new, and then find that one of them doesn't work properly.

If you are interested in purchasing either or both, please contact me on with your mobile number and I will call you back, or just send me an email with your address and I will reply with my paypal account details.  If you prefer to pay by cheque, that's good too, although I will wait for the cheque to clear before posting them.  Please also bear in mind that there may be a small delay in them arriving to you as this weekend is the Easter weekend and there is almost always a delay because of the 'so-called' backlog.

If no one is interested then they will be going on eBay on Saturday so please let me know before then if you are.

Thank you for stopping by
Hugs, Fae xx

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