Friday, March 16, 2012

Contained Excitement (almost)

Hi Girls and fellow crafters

DON'T GET TOO EXCITED BUT... you know I am turning 40 this May???  Well.. my gorgeous hubby has decided to be a little creative himself and is... wait for it... (no wait, I'll let you guys read the WHOLE article first before I spoil it... Now, it's not going to happen all at once because we are doing it ourselves so it will be a work in progress, probably over a few months, maybe even a year as we are also fitting it around a monthly budget. But... without further ado, here are the photos of Stage 1, 2 and 3.

Stage 1 -

Chop down silver birch trees in garden, as we had blooming millions of 'em. Well, alright... five at most but there might as well have been millions of them for all the bloomin' seeds that came in the house at the end of the summer months.

Stage 2 -

Have a huge bonfire, burning said trees after giving away as many logs as possible to family, friends and anyone really that still has the luxury of an open fire at home (mostly to mum and dad, bless 'em).

Stage 3 -

and... the final stage (SO FAR). The planning of size (12ft x 10ft), digging out, levelling off and digging up of path that used to be there. Any ideas as to what is going on this space yet???

A CRAFT SHED... just for me. All mine... MY space, just mine, no kids, no lawn mowers, just shelves and shelves of pretty papers, wood stamps and clear stamps among other crafty related things... I am soooooo excited I can't tell you.

Watch this space for regular updates as and when work progresses. It's brilliant. I can't tell you how long I have dreamed for this. I live in a bungalow and share my craftroom space with an almost redundant kitchen. I have to cook for them sometimes but would rather be crafting. Nevertheless, it's happening... YAY!!!



Wattage said...

How lucky are you! I'm 40 in September don't think I'll get my own crafty workshop though! Keep us posted on the progress xx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

WOW - that's GREAT news Fae. I know you've wanted your own craft space for years! Way to go. GREAT pressie! xxx

Wendy L said...

Great. You will be in Crafters Heaven. xxxx