Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well, Steve had his operation on Thursday morning. He went down at 10am and came back at 3.45pm. He spent most of Thursday night comfortable but woke up Friday morning in agony. The surgeons had to remove the middle lobe and the bottom of the top lobe of the lung. Apparently, the middle lobe was totally destroyed and therefore they had no choice but to remove it. They have sent it away for analysis and we hope to have an idea of what it was on Wednesday. They haven't ruled anything out at this stage.

He's still very breathless and finding it very difficult to get comfortable as he has two chest drains in, one going through his armpit and the other going into his waist. He is also on a nebuliser and still has the epidural attached to control the pain or at least ease it off a little.

Thanks again for all your wishes and texts, I will keep you updated as and when we know anything more.


Julie said...

Thinking of you and your family Fae, sending positive vibes and hugs. Love Julie xxxxx

Sarn loves choc said...

The same goes for me Fae. Thinking of you all and hoping all goes well. xxx

Made by Mandy said...

Hi Fae,

Thinking of you and your family. Hope Steve recovers quickly and gets stronger soon.

I have also put the following award on my blog for you :)

Karma AwardLots of love xxx