Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Sigh of Relief...

Just thought I'd let you all know, Lianne was offered a place at a School today that I am really chuffed about! Thank you all for your support, kind wishes and emails, it's been lovely to know that you are all thinking about me and that you have been praying, keeping fingers crossed (and everything from the sounds of it) as well as sending positive thoughts and best wishes etc.

Thank you all, it's so nice to know that I have such great friends, some of whom barely know me, but thanks all the same. I can open a bottle of wine or two now, and sit back and wait for my lovely daughter to come home so that I can share some good news with her too, she's been waiting for it a long time and I'm so glad that I can finally share some with her.

Thanks again,
Fae xx


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC news hon....really pleased for you and Lianne, it must be such a relief!!! Can I uncross everything now?????? Its kinda going numb!!!!!

Julie said...

Congratulations Fae and Lianne. Can we have a glass with you? So glad things have turned out well and hope you have lots of kisses and cuddles when she returns. xxx

Fae said...

I really can't wait until she comes home so that I can tell her. We got a postcard from her today (well Lewis did) saying that she was having great fun on the beach and apart from today, what fantastic weather they've had. It's strange because she's been away from home on holiday with my mum and nan to America for two weeks a couple of times, but this feeling is so weird. I miss her terribly, perhaps it's because it's her last school trip and she'll be going to secondary school soon. My baby is growing up so fast!!!!