Tuesday, February 02, 2016

A card for Oma

As promised, here's my second post for this evening...

I made this card for my beautiful Auntie Riet's birthday. She's Dutch - hence the Oma bit and the Dutch sentiment, which means 'Heartfelt congratulations for a Happy Birthday!'

Anyway, I can't post it on Facebook yet as all my Australian relatives will see it, whereas they don't know about my blog so I can post all their cards here and they wouldn't be aware of it.

Oma's birthday is in March, but I will have to post it shortly to ensure that it arrives in beautiful Loveday on time.  I really do hope that she likes it, as I made a card for my Uncle Colin's birthday last year and I think she was a bit disappointed that she didn't receive one too. So I wanted to make an extra special one just for her, as I really do love her so much, she's adorable.  My second mummy.
Here's a close up of the Stamping Bella image I used for the card. Unfortunately, the photo quality was a bit poor and editing the picture didn't do much for it either, but you get the general idea? I hope?

I used my trusty Copic Ciao markers and some gently blended (with Sansodor), Prismacolour pencils.  I love this image, and I hope that it will make her think of me, sitting in the park somewhere, reading and re-reading her letters.

Sadly, the lovely Oma, passed away this year, March 2017. She will be very, very missed. She was such a big part of so many lives.  RIP Riet Marie Alderson, beloved wife, mother, grandmother, great-grand mother and loved Auntie Oma.

Thanks for visiting, as always.
Much love

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